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Helpful Herbs for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)


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Oct 12, 2013
It is best to have herbal medicine for Hypertension because the most country peoples are used to have herbal medicine for their Hypertension without any doubt because it has proven record of successful case study.


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Oct 7, 2014
Yes for hyper tension, herbal medicine is one of the best option to get relief in minimum time. My Grandmother mostly suggest me for herbal medicine when get this problem.


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Dec 7, 2017
These ayurvedic remedies for hypertension contain Aam, Ajwainkhurashini, Arjun, Shilajit, Jadwar, Shankhpushpi, Kahu, Moti Bhasma, Chotachand ,Ashwagandha, Elaychi choti, Safed musli, Shilajit, Gajwan, Gulchadni, Vach, Champa, Kesar, Jyotishmati, and Taj. All these herbs have been used in ayurveda from years to treat problems related with cardiovascular system and blood pressure. These herbs promote cardiac health and healthy functions of heart muscles. These herbs provide essential nutrients and minerals which help to overcome various deficiencies in body that affect healthy functions of heart. Blend of these herbs clears blockage from blood vessels to reduce pressure in blood flow. Antioxidants present in these herbs prevent cellular damage from toxins and free radicals. Cardiovascular health improves due to presence of anti-inflammatory and anti-stressor properties. These powerful herbs control cholesterol and strengthen heart muscles.

Regular use of these ayurvedic remedies for hypertension helps to control behavioral changes and emotional issues also like anxiety, anger, nervousness, etc., related with high BP.