Help with Pulmonary edema


New member
Nov 23, 2017

I wonder if anyone can give me any advice. I am a newbie here so apologies if there are already multiple posts on this subject but i couldn't really see any. My mother has recently come out of hospital diagnosed with Pulmonary edema. Up until a month ago she was totally fine, completely independent and active at 90 years old. Slowly she has become very short of breath and is gradually getting worse. The Doctors have put her on a whole heap of medication for High Blood pressure, cholesterol, reduce the fluids in her system..etc

They can't seem to tell e how it started so i'm struggling to work out as to what is the best thing to do for her.

She has been a vegetarian all her life, eats hardly no (if any) sugary foods, no fizzy drinks...

I was looking at supplementing her diet with some L-Arginine & vitamin K but just wondered if anyone here could share some advise.

Just to add they also advised that she has pressure/blockage on her pulmonary artery so her oxygen level are depleted, so her heart is working harder than expected but i'm not sure what can be done to help on this apart from breathing exercises

Any help/advise would be much appreciated