Healthcare is a scam


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I'll just go to a local natural medicine clinic once my symptoms are totally under control. Then I will work on getting off medication.


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There are environmental causes of disease, as well. Examples are pollution, contamination, toxins, inorganic matter...

And then there are also nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition, etc. These are the things that we have more control over.


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These are the things that we have more control over.
Good attitude. Take control of your own health as much as you can. I use doctors whenever there is a structural problem that I just can't handle myself, or supplementation is too slow for the condition. Like sometimes my back or pelvis freezes up and MSM is too slow. Chiropractor can fix quickly. Doctor would want to give muscle relaxer. Doctors are trained to give pharmaceuticals, or they are lobbied to do so by drug manufacturers. I have a friend who made a very, very good living by visiting doctors and "educating" them on the use of his company's drugs.

It is obvious that doctors are required for fast moving diseases, like aggressive cancers or broken bones. Also, I have a best buddy, who is a retired psychologist. I don't understand how psychology really works, but it must really help people. He worked with children and claims that they are so impressionable that he was able to help most of them. But for adults? I must be a hard case.


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So simple to see it is a scam. Looking for free access to the number on killer is not a smart idea. I live in a country where there is more livestock than people yet there is a hospital in every village for people but no hospitals for farm animals. So why is that, farm animals don't listen to doctors they eat natural and what they want their bodies are smarter than doctors.