Healing power of cat's purr


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Well OK. This is not so much about pet health, but very much about pets healing humans. I knew about cat purrs healing broken bones, but it's nice to see more research (anecdotal) of other human benefits.

Good news for cat lovers! Snuggling up to your furry companion can actually be good for you. Because their purr vibrations are in the 20 to 140 Hz range, they can have therapeutic effects. Designer Gemma Busquets compiled all the benefits in this fun infographic.



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I know my cat is very relaxing to be around, he's a big purrer and often with start to purr if I just talk to him or touch him. He snuggles up with me at night near my chest or neck and purrs himself to sleep, I love it.

I knew cats were beneificial to reduce stress, improve mood and lower blood pressure....never heard about the healing bones though. Thanks Jfh for the info! :cool:


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I love my kitties!

I definately know the power of a cat's purr! My little Shaman/Medicine Man of my little family, Foetoe, Has healed me and other people in the past through his purr; I had a lady staying with me for a week and she was having trouble with her gall bladder and she told me the first night she was here Froetoe came in and flopped himself on her gall bladder and started doing this deep purr. She said as soon as he started doing that the pain started to ease, then go away. He did this for another two nights and she hasn't had a problem since :sunshine: