Good Sleep Recipe- 8-10 hrs nightly


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Apr 18, 2018
Santa Monica
I have this posted ina couple places but people are probably missing it:

For Sleep this is basically what I use:

There is so MUCH to work with to get good sleep. I use all natural stuff w which consists of:

1/2 Mg Melatonin
500mg Inositol

50mg B6 (P5P form)
500 mg L Tryptophan
1-2 tabs of Calms Forte'

I begin this process about 1-2 hrs before I plan to hit the pillow which is 11:15PM just about every night. So I start the above first 2 at about 9:30 and the other 2 about 10:30 or so.

In the last year the HGH homeopathic gel I'm using twice a day has even given me even better deeper sleep.

I also take magnesium 2-3 caps thru the day and this also does a job for the sleep. I get 8-10 hrs good sleep nightly...