full time new job insurance - please help


New member
Jun 25, 2018
I received an full time job offer and employer is offering me -(Blue Edge HSA) saying that this will be your health insurance.To my understanding its HSA contribution, which i can utilize towards docs bills. Is this a health insurance at all? Please see attached.

Second, i'm currently covered under my spouse plan, which is very good.Its PPO 20-80 plan. I think my potential employer knows that i am covered under my spouse plan. So he has come with HEALTH INSURANCE SPOUSAL SURCHARGE FORM asking me to sign. It says " If a participating employee has a spouse, whose employer offers insurance, and the spouse does not take it, an additional $200 monthly surcharge will be added to the participating employee’s premium."

To my understanding, I thought employer was not required to provide insurance to spouse who is insurance already through his own employer,which would have meant that i don't bring my spouse under my new potential employer. But this above statement is like if you don't bring your spouse to my plan i will charge you $200 monthly.

Please guide and help