food safety modernization act


In seaerch of spicy food
Aug 8, 2009
You can bet your asses if the dollar does not collapse, I am retiring to central or south america. I am sick of this so called America. Definitely not the country I grew up in.


...elusive dreamer
Apr 5, 2009
I remember hearing about this years ago on the Coast to Coast show, I sarcastically told my husband that if we wanted to grow some tomato plants in the backyard, we'd have to register them with Big Brother, give them a number and expect them to be monitored. :rolleyes: :evil:


Standing at the Portal
Oct 16, 2007
Why is this article in chit chat?

It should be in Discussions.

this is of huge importance.

Thanks for bring it forward, just me.


Standing at the Portal
Oct 16, 2007
I'm waiting. Its now May 4th. Did I miss it?


Charles Seabert - WHAT I HAVE BEEN TOLD:

1 - We have been on Constitutional Law since 12:01 AM Eastern since Friday, 3 days ago. And we are using the Constitution that was printed in 1870. Get a copy and educate yourself.

2 - Many meetings going on in D.C. as most of them know nothing about the laws.

3 - Most attorneys and judges know nothing or very little about these laws. They were not covered in law school.

4 - All executive orders, acts and laws that were enacted while our country was a corporation will be null and void.

5 - The first announcement will be April 26, 2010, which will be regarding debt forgiveness.

6 - The second announcement will be the following night and will be about the new government.

6 - The third announcement will be the following night which will be about all the "bad stuff" that has been started by the "bad boys" over the past 100 years.

7 - Many nights of announcements will follow. A number of them will be the education of the masses. I heard a total of about 10 to 12 nights.

8 - Political prisoners will be released most any day.

Meanwhile while we are waiting for the Archangel Michael to save our butts look into the