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Everything you need is in the four food groups lie


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Nov 29, 2013
Dominican Republic
Everything you need is in the four food groups. This statement made by doctors has killed millions of people. Fact in 1936 U.S. Senate Document 264 and in 1992 Rio Earth summit Report on mineral depletion graphically pointed out that our Earth’s soils are deficient in life giving minerals. Since than it has only gotten worse.
There is different locations on earth which have compost piles from the age of dinosaurs and the minerals in those location are 70 -80 different minerals in the soil. After millions of years of rain those minerals have been leach out of the soil.
Easy experiment is to put a cup of salt or sugar on the sidewalk before a rain and then look for it after. It will be on its way to the ocean along with all the other minerals taken from the soils.
The only minerals a person can use in their bodies are those that are colloidal in simple terms the minerals so small they can be in solution. We can not eat rocks to get our minerals.
Plants need 9 minerals to grow and produce fruit. It is obvious that they are not there because if you want a good crop you need to use fertilizer. That means that there is not 9 minerals in the soil. Plant needs 9 and animals [humans] need 60 there is a real shortage.
A quick look for foods that have certain minerals you will find a list for example selenium- Brazil nuts but if the soil where the tree lived had no selenium there is no selenium in the nut because plants can not make minerals. For every mineral missing in your diet there is a list of ailments from that deficiency. All vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids all need a mineral co factor to work