Evaporate the fog away with Mike and Janet's world famous brain diet.


Oct 9, 2017
Put a half ripe organic banana in a blender. Add 1 level tbsp. raw Arriba cacao, 1 cap La Vencadora vanilla, jalapeno, and any other stuff you might like like 1/2 price grass fed dairy, maple syrup, honey, or sucanet. Add some water, blend, and drink every 4 hours. Every other one add 1 gram gotu cola, 1 gram bacopa, 2 grams sunflower lecithin, some Hawaiian spirulina, chlorella. bee pollen, and kelp. Every once in a while inhale some Oman frankincense. The combination of nutrients improves cognition even in demented old geezers like Mike and old fogies like Janet.

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