Does Anyone Scale Their Own Teeth At Home?


...elusive dreamer
Apr 5, 2009
Does anyone use a scaling instrument to remove plaque/tartar from their teeth at home.....between dental cleaning appointments?

My husband has done our dog's teeth for years, they never had to be put under anesthesia for cleanings at the vet and the doctor always praised how healthy their teeth and gums were, even in old age.

If you do scale your own teeth at home, what type of instrument do you use, and is it safe for your tooth enamel?


perpetual student
Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
I did not think anyone did any such thing. I just let the dental hygienist take care of it. She's been trying to convince me to use a water pic. I have used an automatic brush, either Sonicare or Braun for several years. I usually use a mouthwash afterwards. I think that is essential. I use Listerine, but sometimes I will get the anti-plaque kind. I usually have very little for the hygienist to do.

Recently, I've only been dipping my wet brush into baking soda and brushing with that. Only that. Then mouthwash. Seems like I change things a lot. If I use any toothpaste, it absolutely does not have fluoride.

I'm in the process of dealing with an abscess. I don't know how that can happen with all the stuff I do. The endodontist said there is a crack in the tooth which allowed it to become infected. He did an incomplete root canal, because the crack was too deep. So now I have to be evaluated for an implant or just an extract. It is a back molar right next to my extracted wisdom tooth. So I may not even be able to get an implant. If I have to have only an extract, I'm going to strongly consider full dental implant. The kind where they put 4 posts in the upper and 4 posts in the lower, then full dentures. That will fix a snaggle tooth problem of crowded teeth.

But I never considered scaling. I also don't do that tongue scraper thing.