Discovery of Apoe3/4: A chance to prevent? Or worry until...


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Aug 8, 2012

Ready to dive in to the female, over 60 years of age - apoe3/4 "pool." With a sensitivity to mercury *great AND a mthfr snp.

Found Bredesen protocol (claims of reversals are many for those in "his" program),, but just not sure the info is the do all end all -- yet. Just the amount of testing and what that would cost is unreal. Which are the most important? Metals? Levels of - what? Copper? Zinc? T3? estrogen? Vit D? Magnesium/copper? Iron? Lipids? Hows the glutathione? Melatonin?

Supplements? Are they ALL safe to take together? Can more harm be done not really knowing what the many items being taken actually do or are ok? One size fits all? Is there REALLY research that conclusively tells a positive story on any of them? I feel a bit of an improvement - but how to determine which of what is the why? Is it the CDP choline? Rodiola, lions mane? Phosphatidyl Serine? Fish oils? Pre-probiotics? Olive oil? Avocado oil?

Amyloid beta is a way to protect - - so now what?

Definitely looking into MIND diet while fasting 12 hours after last meal - currently off sugar, dairy - once in awhile free range bison for red meat, expensive free range organic fed chicken and of course wild caught salmon/cod. Love my greens...veggies...fruits *blueberries as treat. Organic since 06/gluten free since 09.

Water...water...water that I triple filter for lead, fluoride, chlorine, etc. Have for several years. Fluoride is in chicken bones? Yay or nay to broth?

Indoor - Air as well is filtered **two filters. ***Remove fluoride, lead, arsenic, aluminum, mercury...

Lots of aerobic exercise - need to do, etc. Sunshine at true solar noon for 15-mins...barefeet on grass, essential oils, going off rails with worry.

Trying to learn all I can. Even though I read somewhere really old silver fillings do not emit anything toxic, I am still trying to remove 50 year old amalgams - I have two that were replaced in 2011, and cracks ( #14 has root infection) were found. I am now looking at some type of removal/repair of these two. Those choices aren't great: bone graft for loss/shrinkage, titanium implant abutment and crown, traditional or Carlson bridges, do nothing, glue on flippers...use healthy next door teeth to grind to stumps for bridge supports. The cost :shock:

Always had great strong dental health. I blame the PTSD thru a horrific separation/divorce out of 30 year abusive marriage. CLENCHING teeth was my xanax/valium.

Biodynamic/organic red wine good? bad? Cool it with the many, many supplements or keep on? Purple tea?
Keep blood glucose LOW. Alzheimer's is being called Type 3 diabetes. Is this the main -- only crucial piece to the puzzle?

Check for heavy metals -- plasma? blood? urine? hair? how? which? HORMONES? Bioreplace or no? THYROID? I do have this goiter...

I am currently paying for all of this on my own. I don't want this disease.

where would one even begin? Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Dance, Learn new things, eliminate too much emf/wifi, meditate and pray every day, has already been implemented. Ketones :confused:

Check for Lymes?? Mold? Can't just sit around and wait for it. I want my healthy memory/brain for another 40 years. The least I can do is whatever I can to save it. I feel more lost with what should be done. It is overwheling. Just do Everything??