Dark circles and puffiness under eyes


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
Monika Hristova, Skin care researcher and author at SkinPractice.com

Most people believe that dark circles under the eyes are due to fatigue, lack of sleep or long hours of watching the computer/TV.

The truth, however, is that the dark circles may be a sign of a serious health problem. Some experts associate them with diseases such as anemia, dehydration, or liver problems.

They can also appear when some red blood cells go out of the capillaries. This triggers the production of enzymes that destroy red blood cells.

It is the process of destruction that causes the blue-black color under the eyes. For this reason, people with thinner and more sensitive skin are most prone to dark circles.

However, the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes are:

The skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate. As the years go by, it gets even thinner, making the blood vessels more visible in this area.

Unfortunately, hereditary predisposition and genetics can also play a major role in this condition.

Food deficiency
Dark circles under the eyes may also be due to improper nutrition.

The solution is to start eating a healthy and nutritious diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and beneficial substances.

Lack of sleep and constant fatigue
The lack of sleep or exhaustion can make the skin pale, thus creating a greater difference between the color of the body skin and its color under the eyes.

Cigarettes and alcohol
They both can show up on your face leaving dark circles under your eyes, which, usually, don’t look very attractive.

This is why everybody recommends making sure you don’t exaggerate with alcohol/cigarettes, so drink/smoke in moderation.

Also, these habits usually are ususually related to standing up late at night or sometimes early in the morning, which is also badly reflected on the skin, outlining even more dark circles.

Sun exposure
Increased sun exposure can result in pigmentation of the skin's surface and dark circles under the eyes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight produces more melanin around the eyes than usual.

Excessive melanin in the epidermis makes the skin brown and the excess melanin in the dermis makes it look blue-grayish.

This is why sun protection is so crucial.

Hormonal changes
In women, the skin undergoes dramatic changes in the different phases of life.

Women are more prone to developing dark circles under the eyes during pregnancy or during menstruation.

If you experience itching in the eye area, rubbing and rubbing the skin there may cause dark circles. Another reason can be food allergies.

In fact, when children have dark circle under the eyes, it is an almost certain sign of a food allergy.

Low levels of iron are the most common form of anemia, and iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes. Also, anemia can make your skin look pale and ashy.

As a result, any dark circles under your eyes (even those caused by another health condition) can look even darker.

Тhe truth is that insufficient water-intake is also one of the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes. Water helps flush out the toxins from your system and thereby reducing the amount of salt concentration in and around the eye area.

Also, hydration does not mean replacing the water intake with soda, fruit juices etc.

Just..stick to water. Also, try to avoid the consumption of coffee and caffeinated beverages.

The list below will show you the most effective remedies to restore and preserve the fresh and youthful look of the skin around the eyes and remove the under-eye circles

1.Rich food and balanced nutrition

Increase your consumption of fresh fruit, yogurt and other dairy products, sprouts, cereals, and foods high in vegetable protein (lentils, beans, peas, quinoa, brown rice, beets, oatmeal).

2.Regular Physical and Breathing Exercises

Practicing one or more sports disciplines can only have a beneficial effect on the life processes of the whole organism.

Yoga and breathing exercises, at the very least, promote the blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, reduce the stress and tension from the body and spirit.

As you already know, good health also reflects on the appearance and condition of the skin.

3. Healthy sleep

Although each organism is strictly individual, an average of 7 hours is the minimum of sleep time that a person needs in order to feel fully rested, fresh and energized throughout the day.

Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends. This helps to regulate your body's clock and could help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the night.ble sleeping, avoid naps, especially in the afternoon.

Power napping may help you get through the day,but if you find that you can't fall asleep at bedtime, eliminating even short catnaps may help.

4. Choosing Eye Cream

Always choose a cream specially formulated for the area around your eyes. Do not apply eye cream before sleeping. It is highly recommended that the cream contains almond oil.

It nourishes the skin and helps fight dark spots.

Under no circumstances apply facial masks to the area around your eyes, as it is way more sensitive than the other facial skin and it is quite possible to get irritated.

5. Proper application of the cream

Massaging the area around the eyes when applying the eye cream can only damage the skin.

Instead, it is recommended to tenderly and delicately touch the problem areas with slight tapping movements using only the finger tips.

6. Regular eye flushing

Release fatigue from your eyes by regular flushing, starting with warm water first, and ending the procedure with cold water. You can also use rose water as it is beneficial for the skin.

It has the ability to relieve tension in the eyes area while it also has antibacterial properties.

7. The irreplaceable role of cucumbers and potatoes

Chill 1 cucumber/potato into the refrigerator. Cut 2 thick slices off the chilled cucumber/potato. Place the slices over eyes, making sure to cover dark circles.

Leave on for 20 minutes or, if possible, overnight. Remove the cucumber/potato slices, rinse with cool water, and pat dry.

Repeat the procedure 3 times a week.

8. Compresses of ice water and cold yogurt

Appied directly on the closed lids for 10 minutes, the ice water or cold yogurt compresses are amazingly beneficial for reducing the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

9. Chilled tea bags

Tea bags refresh the area under the eyes while relieving their puffiness. Mint- flavored tea is especially beneficial.

10. Almond oil

Almond oil is a great mean for eliminating dark circles. Almond oil, as well as the paste of chopped almonds, mixed with a little almond of milk, before sleep, has a very strong healing, smoothing and lightening effect.

The mask is washed with cold water in the morning.

Prolonged treatment of the area around the eyes (with almond oil) smooths the wrinkles, hydrates, and softness the delicate skin.