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Dandelion Root and Routine Advice


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Dec 29, 2020
Hi! First time poster here and I'm super excited cause I'm no naturopath and I'm ready to learn! I have questions about dandelion root and was wondering that since the root/extract is a diuretic, how concerned do I need to be about when to take it in relation to my multivitamin, meals etc. I’ve heard to wait 2-3 hours after but I'm not sure. I also take creatine and was wondering what affect this could have as both act on water. I would absolutely hate for the dandelion root to harm the benefits of creatine. I have Happy Healthy Hippie’s natural pick me up energy supplement and it has a 175 mg dose of dandelion root extract in it.

Also, I wanted to get advice on my vitamins/supplement routine as I've recently changed it (since i always update it once in a while) and I need extra help because this is the first time I've included herbs and roots in my routine. I just want to make sure that me taking one of these supplement or similar to my question above, the timing of when I take the supplement, doesn't diminish the effects of other supplements/nutrients I get from food. Essentially i just want to know that I'm getting the most out of them given the routine i have made, with stuff like bioavailability etc in mind. I also want to make sure I'm not taking something or taking something in a way that would be harmful to me (I already know I consume a lot of caffeine but am not currently able to just quit due to work but hopefully these roots are a good step towards quitting).

My routine:

8:00 AM -
  • Active sports Multivitamin
  • Ashwaghanda root with black pepper extract (1.95 grams)
  • Biotin
  • protein berry yogurt smoothie with 6 grams of creatine (with 100mcg chromium, 900mg Fenugreek, 500 mg L-Leucine, and 50mg of Prickly Pear)
9:30 AM -
  • preworkout (175mg of caffeine, 350 mg acetyl l-carnitine hydrochloride, n-acetyl l-tyrosine 250mg, 100 mg of citrus bioflavonoid complex, 25mg Astragine proprietary blend (panax notoginseng extract, asalagus menranaceus extract, 750 mg of l-citrulline, and 1.5 grams of betalanine)
  • Happy Healthy Hippie Joy Filled (300 mg Gota kola herb, 200 mg rhodiola root, st. johns wort herb 200mg, ashwaghanda root 200mg, lemon balm leaf extract 200 mg, Gingko Leaf 100mg, eleuthero root 100mg
  • 200 mg of L-theanine

11:30 AM -
  • Happy healthy hippie focus blend (250mg asian ginseng root extract, 250 american ginseng root extract, 200mg rhodiola root powder, 175 mg dandelion root extract, 175mg shishandra fruit extract, 150mg bacopa herb extract, 125mg eleuthera root extract, 10mg black pepper extract)
  • 2mg copper to avoid copper deficiency because of the Zinc supplement i take at night. I'm not sure if this actually necessary.
  • *Meal 1 - lean protein breakfast* with protein shake
2:00 PM-
  • Meal 2 (high carbs, high protein)
3:00 PM -
  • Genius BCAA (3g of l-glutamine, 2.5g of l-leucine, 1.25 grams of l-isoleucine, 1.25 grams of l-valine, 1g of l-citrulline malate, 1 gram of l-tyrosine, 1g of taurine, 250mg citocoline, 200 mg rhodiola rosea, 100mg of caffeine)
  • Genius Caffeine Extended Release (167mg) - considering not taking these since I'm already doing a decent amount of caffeine but not sure and dependent on how new root and herb work
  • L- theanine 200 mg
  • Now Sports Complete Amino Acid (20 amino acids in one supplement, all under 200 mg except glutamic acid at 410)
Workout 2

4:30 PM -
  • Meal 3
7:30 PM -
  • Meal 4
Bed time-
  • ZMA supplement (vitamin b6 10.5mg, 450mg magnesium, 30 mg zinc (as aspirate, monomethione, and zinc oxide)
Let me know what you guys think of this routine!

Oct 1, 2020
Welcome to Natmed! :)

I'm not familiar with Creatine as I do not take it. Is the Dandelion Root you are planning to take in a tea form or capsule?

I've been taking Organic Roasted Dandelion Root for pain I feel near my liver/gall bladder in organic tea form by Traditional Medicinals (1500mg). I feel that it has helped greatly. I will still have a cup at least once a week - a lot of my symptoms are so much better than they were. I have never had horrible diuretic effects from it or stomach upset. I can't name one adverse effect from it that I've ever felt. Terrible tasting stuff, but it makes me feel a lot better! I enjoy putting some star anise in my cup of tea to take the bitter edge off.

I would usually take dandelion root in the afternoon or evening, spaced away from any other multivitamins that I would take just in case.

I've heard of some of the multivitamins and other products you are taking and other I haven't so I can't be sure their interactions with dandelion root, if any. I'm not sure the dosages or possible side effects from these herbs, either. It seems as far as these ones go, perhaps you know a lot more than I do.