Chrononutrition is a simple and healthy diet for living


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Oct 4, 2016
Chrono nutrition is a fantastic and an excellent way to eat almost every day and be in a good health. We save even more money while eating better.

Quickly the chrono nutrition is a diet in which you eat the good ingredients on the right time. You have a lot of benefits every day with this diet. I practice this diet for at least five years and I am a huge fan.

Let's start by a description of what I eat almost every day and you will understand better.

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Let's call it the FAT meal.
Most of the time I eat bread with butter and cheese. I like so much cheese, I have always more than 6 types in my fridge. I cook also an egg, the ones from my hens. No sugar at all. If you drink coffee or tea, no sugar, sorry for that but it is very important !

The lunch is the DENSE meal. I eat only one plate with meat accompanied by carbohydrate (pasta, potatoes, rice). You can also eat bread, I eat a lot of bread. Again no sugar at all but don't worry it will come...
For lunch you still need energy then you need carbohydrates. The meat is for the protein that your body need to restore the muscles.

The tea time is the SWEET meal. It happens 4-5 hours after the lunch. You will appreciate much more the sugar with this diet than before.
I eat fruits or drink a fresh juice according the season. During the winter I eat also dried fruit. And with the fruits, always, dark chocolate and different sorts.

The dinner is the LIGHT meal. If you are hungry, you can eat fish or white meat (chicken, turkey). During the week I don't have a dinner, I prefer to eat a little more fruits or chocolate and not having a dinner...;)

Here is short description and now I can answer all your questions you can have on this fantastic diet. And of course I can help you to try...

I almost forgot, I did not invent this diet of course ! :D It is the French Doctor in medicine : Alain Delabos