CHLORELLA for Vascular Benefits


...elusive dreamer
Apr 5, 2009
I've been using Chlorella on a daily basis for quite awhile now, and I love hearing more of the benefits of this green supplement...

Many people are beginning to reach out in search of natural healing answers. Simple plants are being rediscovered for their cellular rejuvenating properties.

With cancers and heart disease on the rise in the West and around the world, it is no wonder why many are abandoning current pharmaceutical drug philosophy and returning to the Earth for answers.

While some are attached to their doctor's comforting advice and drug regimen, many are beginning to think outside the industry's box, looking for preventative, alternative answers.

Medical intervention like blood pressure medication is often sought too early, too often, before a dietary lifestyle change can be encouraged and implemented. This hasty medical intervention leaves many people mentally addicted to a prescription drug regimen, as all care is lost in dealing with the root causes of conditions like high blood pressure.

In this time of toxicity and change, a clean, single-celled algae called chlorella is becoming a go-to health powerhouse, a miracle supplement.

In a study from Tokyo's Yakult Central Institute for Microbiological Research, chlorella was examined for its vascular benefits, including its ability to reduce blood pressure and incidences of cerebral stroke lesions.

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