Can you recommed surgeon who agrees to remove all teeth in say 4 visits.


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Nov 3, 2016
Hi folks,

I am relatively young person who has his share of adventures with teeth. Some I managed to help with herbs some were temporary filled with fillings and some extracted.

Atm I have 60% teeth present and upper partial. After carefully considering all known options I came to conclusion that its wise to simply remove them all in say 4 visits and procure simply acrylic dentures.

I did ask some dentists and they are saying you dont have medical condition that warrants removal :) I am saying I rather remove them now and hence 0 medical conditions later :) I sense with modern technology fillings last only so long, root canals are often bad for body and implants ( I did ask some specialists) often eventually cause inflamation, esp full mouth of them.

I am based in EU and i can travel :) If you are an open minded and experienced surgeon let me know. Or maybe folks here know how I can find such person.