Beware: Check medical advice!!


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Jan 3, 2012
I have just viewed a DVD called "One Answer to Cancer" that was produced by Elaine Hollingsworth. Elaine and many other skin cancer sufferers were prescribed a drug called "Aldara". The "MIMS" handbook on the drug was very specific. It is not to be used on people over the age of 65 or under 18 years, not to be used on an open wound, mucous membrane and not above the shoulders. Many of the Dermatologists in the DVD prescribed this cream to be used in the above situations. Many of the people who applied the drug, which was nicknamed "Chemotherapy in a cream", suffered various side effects from rashes, more cancer, destruction of their immune system and in some cases permanent disfigurement and even death!
When the patient complained about the horrible conditions that this drug caused, they were told that it was all in their head and the Pharmaceutical company, "3M', had done the research and Aldara was OK. Subsequent attemps to get Aldara taken off the market or at least have very strict warning lables attached fell on deaf ears. Actions through the courts, letters to the manufacturer and controlling medical bodies and even to health ministers in the governemnt all met an impassable brick wall. One thing that can be drawn from this experinece is "Big Pharma is In Charge!!"

The good news is that there was a sucessfull court case in the US and now the drug Aldara is off the market but the bad news is that the pharmaceutical section of 3M corporation was sold off and the new owner will no doubtably change the name of the drug. The active ingredient stays the same; "Imiquimod" (which itself is cancinogenic)

This is only one drug. What other drugs lay in waiting for unsuspecting sufferers of diseases and conditions? I suppose the message here is that now we have the magnificent benefit of having the greatest source of information sharing in the history of mankind, the Internet, so we must use this to check up on every treatment or presciption that we obtain through either the conventional medical system or even the Alternative practitioners.

We have to take a more proactive and responsible approach to our health because where money is involved there is always room for corruption and carelessness.

P.S. Another drug that has the same active ingredient is called Zyclara.


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Oct 16, 2007
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