Best way to drink coconut oil?


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Jan 15, 2018

I got the advice to drink two tablespoons of coconut oil a day for health benefits and I can tell already that it's making me feel a bit more like my old self already - happier and a bit more energetic than usual but it also has some bad side effects although I have been drinking it for 3 weeks now. Twice it has made me vomit and 4 times given me really bad diarrhea and nausea. I notice that eating right before taking it or right after helps though, sort of like how you need to eat with certain medications to avoid nausea I guess.
I can barely stand the smell and taste though and the smell alone makes me feel sick! I drink it with tea now which doesn't help since I DON'T like tea but drinking it in coffee i'm sure will increase the risk of an upset stomach, as well as ruin the whole pleasure of coffee...

Does anybody have any good advice on how to take it the best way? Preferably something you drink since that I think is the quickest way to take it. And anything in particular I should avoid mixing it with? Thanks.


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Apr 18, 2018
Santa Monica
I don't let my CO go to an oil form and when it gets too hot, I keep it in the refrig to keep it creamy. I agree with the above poster.