Back and Knee Pain


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Jun 10, 2014
So as the title says i have knee and back pain and the pic. that i uploaded shows where. The question is: do you know i natural way to remove this pain.

Thank you Very much.



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Aug 27, 2015
NYC, New York
Back and Knee pain

Hi albanian boy, you can use Ice and therapy for your pain. You can do it at your home. All you have to do is fill a bag with ice, and apply it to the area of pain, keep repeating it for 2-4 days. But if your pain is still there, you use the heat therapy, in this fill a bag with hot water, and apply it over the place of pain. simillary keep doing this for 2-4 days. I will really give you some ease in your pain.
BUT, if the pain is still there, go to your nearest Chiropractor, take his advise. Rather than taking sny kind of medicine, its to go with alternative methods of curing.