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Antioxidants for Cats, Dogs, Horses & Humans


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Apr 18, 2018
Santa Monica
I don't have pets but love love love to share what I learn about keeping good health. I've been taking Grape Seed Extract for going on 25 yrs and I know that vets do prescribe for cats and dogs. A friend's cat got an extra year after a cancer dx when she was told about Grape seed extract, by ME.

On gum health since I've been using Grape Seed Ex for going on 25 yrs, my gums are healthy, pink and tight....and I was told about 30 yrs ago that I had deep pockets, and today at 81, they are so healthy. It's the Grape Seed Ex...believe me. No deep scaling, never.

Now I find this about horses...

Su-per Grape Seed Extract for Horses Gateway - Vitamin Mineral | Supplements | Equine

For Dogs:
Gum disease Cats and Dogs:


Talk to your vet they do offer it for these animals.