Alleged supernatural experience and/or ability thread


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Oct 10, 2015
I've seen some pretty crazy shit in my time. xD Not saying it was supernatural, in case there's any rabid skeptics out there. If anyone does however think they've experienced the paranormal in any way, feel free to tell. :p


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Dec 13, 2015
I take it no one has posted for fear of being labeled as nutty.

As it is, nothing "alleged" in my family about supernatural. My father's mother's family is very old, from the original Celts even seeing as our history ranges back in Ireland 1,200 to 1,700 years. Depending on what you read the older bloodlines, but ironically those of Celtic or similar origins, are more in sync with the supernatural world.

The "things seen" are due to natural inheritable sixth sense and not like the average goofball who only sees something after popping too many of the wrong pills or eating a "magic mushroom".

Mental problems are few and far between among us.

However, my grandmother has had encounters with ghosts [family dog greeted my grandfather at the house, as she had done for 13 years; he was dead yet she still "greeted" him or specifically his ghost]. Grandma also had a foretelling dream where a friend in said dream came to say goodbye and was dead within the week.

I have had encounters with ghosts and many times of foretelling. It is rather unnerving to be doing something and stopping in the midst with your brain going - I did this before, however, I "hadn't" done it before. More-so when sitting in an interview, at a job never been too before, and thinking ... huh, this room looks familiar & these people look familiar. My last interview, which I was hired for, I kept fidgeting because all I was thinking is... dang, this is so familiar.

My father saw what was either a ghost or an actual witch in the 50s just outside an old Indian burial ground they had dug up for construction [nowadays construction sites "care" (and only when such finds are blabbed on the news) about burial sites - back then they didn't give 2 sh*ts], my brother and 12 classmates while in the gym for high school saw a ghost walk through the change room wall and disappear in the showers [turned out guy had been killed in the gym's construction, that was his ghost].

That's just a few things.