Advancing OA and what is helping me now


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I'm going to be 80 this year...and the arthritis in my body started when I was 18, so a LONG history. I've tried everything and just about done everything, years of chiro work and D.O. work and a hip replacement that left me with a shorter leg and other complications but that's for another posting.

What is helping me NOW is:

Cosamin DS (in my 6th months of 3 capsules daily)
Higher Doses of EPA-DHA Omega 3's (Jarrow) 4-5g daily) I do fine with this amount.
Turmeric Curcumin 3 softgels daily (Sports Research)

I'm doing all in my power to NOT get knee replacement which got worse with hip replacement (shorter leg)...vicious cycle...saw the ortho surgeon the other day and he said it's amazing I can walk and bend my knee as well as I do and I truly believe the Cosamin DS is doing it for me.


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Have you considered bone broth? I've been using organic turkey bone broth as a preventative.
Yes, I've cooked my own bone broths but not in recent years. Do you mean the boxes of organic broths? I can't stand in kitchen and do those bone broths so the boxes would be a lot easier. The boxes would be a lot easier, for sure.


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Yes, I mean the packaged in the box that needs refrigeration after opening. The brand I've been using is Pacific. Years back I made my own chicken soups, but never made bone broth on my own. I don't cook too many things from scratch these days, easier to buy it ready to go.