Abscess - Should I remove tooth?


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Jul 25, 2011
Here's the situation.

I have a tooth, number 6 upper right.

According to the dentist, from what he saw on the x-ray, there's an abscess above the tooth. But I am not in pain. It doesn't hurt.

I was given only the option of having the tooth removed, and then if possible put in an implant, or if not possible, do a bridge.

I asked him, what about trying to heal it? Do a root canal and all that. He said that no root canal can get to that space to deal with that infection. He said a surgery could be attempted, but due to it being that particular tooth in the upper part, there are nerves there and sinus nerves or whatever, so it's too dangerous to attempt a surgery there for this.

I asked what would happen if I insisted for a root canal, and then a crown. He said that eventually the infection could/would spread, and get irritated, start hurting, swell up, and require a surgery to remove, which is again dangerous due to the area where it's located. And I would then lose the tooth anyway, plus potential nerve damage.

That said, I still have an itch in my gut to try and save this tooth. I mean, it's not hurting. For ****s sake dentistry, please get with the program, 21st century.

I need some advice. I'm not sure how to proceed.

(p.s I have no insurance or anything like that. It would cost me about $1200-1300 for the whole implant situation. That's A LOT of money)

D Bergy

Apr 16, 2006
It's a matter of choices.

I would not get a root canal no matter what. The tooth is dead once that is done and keeping a dead body part in the body is not a good idea. I have read that a disproportionate number of people who have root canals end up with cancer. Not sure if this is well founded but I can't think of any other medical situation where we opt to keep dead body parts in our body.

I use Rife frequency treatments for various infections so that would be one thing I would try. That requires equipment and some know how so that probably will not work for you.

Other methods require the blood supply to bring something into the abscess and it sounds as if that may be difficult due to the location.
My first choice would be to pull the tooth, but I might try a low dose of MMS for a couple of months as a last ditch effort to save it. I would also swish it around in my mouth before swallowing it. Afterwards I would rinse my mouth with water as MMS is pretty acidic.

MMS is pretty powerful. If you decide to use it, start at one drop and work up to about four drops. Read up on it so you know how to use it.

Thats the options I would consider.

I have some gum inflammation currently. I am testing oil pulling to see how that works. I know MMS works for that already by swishing it in your mouth. It likely wouldn't take care of a deep abscess, but might help prevent it.



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Dec 23, 2016
Hi - it sounds like you have a wise dentist to not push root canals.
dan is right about the root canal involving leaving a dead part of gunk in your body- it is then made worse with tightly sealed crowns.
Hulda Clark has some old videos of folks who only fully healed when they had root canals removed.

So actually - your doctor is more with the 21st century then it seems.
And you are lucky that they spoke up with truth - They saved you money and a lot of issues later - trust me on this.
Root canals are never good.
I used to think very similar to you - and thought we fight to save a tooth at any cost!
I had thousands of dollars of work done -
I can tell so many stories - but I always fought to save a tooth and it ended up leading to a toxic body (along with candiasis and other coninfections)
Further -
I know a few ladies who are now in their late 70s and they had dentures for a long time - no cancers - nothing - and after a lot of learning about this I think they were spared the bacterial infections that all (ALL) root canals harbor.
And hulda Clark even had folks struggle to clean up the gum area once root canal removed. The root canal was so infectious it left the gum area very diseased and it took surgery and all that to get most of it out -

I know implants have come a long way - but need to research more - and if it were me - I would do the bridge.

Tooth infections are very serious and I know each tooth is so precious and it hurts a lot to have them pulled. But the lie of keeping a tooth with a root canal is an infectious imposter that leaves a continuous source of gunk leaking into your body.
I also love oil pulling
And you can also brush with coconut oil - it is soothing.
It makes sense that MMS would clean up the gums -
And don't forget to use baking soda.
A little baking soda under the tongue can alkalize the body greatly.
Also - if you ever use too much MMS, baking soda counteracts it.
But baking soda is a gift.
The other thing I love for all things detox is sonne's clay #7.
You put it on your gums and it gently pulls out toxins.
It is also used for many other things - but this reply is relating to teeth.
You can use other bentonite clays, but sonne's is special because it has
the mica removed and it is charged so the reaction is physical.
I want to mention that you also might want to use the clay in your nose and sinus.
You might have fungus infection in nasal area - it is very common - esp with teeth probs.

The ear nose and thiroat all work together and sometimes when you see an abcess - that is a sign of much more.

Quick story about how oil pulling helped someone retore their teeth (but they did not have deep abcess)
Last spring - a young lady (19) fell into someone's knee and pushed her 4 teeth into the roof of her mouth -

She had emergency surgery and they insisted she needed to come back for two root canals.
They pressured her!
Claiming root canals were needed to save the teeth.

She waited - and her teeth hurt and then she did oil pulling!

More than 6 mos later her teeth are strong and saved!
This is usually the case - where dentists PUSH root canals - and it is a source of money for them or they are taught wrong about the safety of root canals.

They assume it is safe cos they were taught that way -

And then when clients get sick - we never make connections to stuff like that - we call it auto immune or CFS-
But dental work has many contributing factors.
It sounds like your dentist is not trying to make money off of you .... he might be a special one.
Some believe the dental sealants and products used also bring metals and toxins into the body too -
But know this - root canals are very serious and your teeth health directly impacts your wellness.

Hope this helps a little -
I know we value our teeth so much and this sucks - so hang in there.
And the price of implants where we live is close to 4,000 - so it sounds like a good deal.
But again - I know little about implants - but do know root canals are bad bad bad bad....

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