33 years lady, early menopause and gaining weight like crazy


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Jun 28, 2020
Hi all, I dont know where to go so I hope someone can give me a good advice.
when I was 28years old, doctors remove both my ovaries (without consent) fearing I have ovarian cancer (it is not).
so I was menopause by the age of 28. I used to take soy to help with the heat. it doesnt do much help, but then I just overcome it and live with it.

Im 33 years now, I gained 10kg plus over the 5 years period of time. I eat very very clean but my tummy is like 6 months pregnant.
lately I have been doing a lot of home chores and I realize my joints feel a lil bit painful. esp in the arm when opening bottles or opening cans.

I honestly feel very sad, but theres nothing I can do. I wonder if there is any supplements for my cases.

I have been consuming collagen from california gold, taking vit d from puritans 5k mg, vitamins E and C 1000mg once every 2 days ( I read too much is not a good thing so I alternate), I have been taking acai pills for 3 days and spirulina once daily.

I feel very very ugly. the doctors told me to consume hormones so I can feel good and my body aint this big anymore.
is there any hormones thats natural and anyone have any suggestion which natural supplements is good for my condition?

Please advice <3


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Jun 28, 2020
first off, are you experiencing any kind of pain in your belly? if you still have your uterus and all the other parts you could have a cyst that needs tending to. i would get that checked out by a doctor.
hormones or no hormones you are not going to feel any better about your body. you will just feel less miserable with no symptoms.

i was on premarin, i got off of it a few years ago but then recently began a second round of menopause symptoms despite a full hysterectomy and one go round of menopause already. so now i'm on estrace which is a synthetic hormone. i've never really gotten any relief from the natural stuff.

as for your joints, being as young as you are you should talk to your doctor about whether you should be taking calcium and vitamin d. once we have no hormones our bones can deteriorate without the hormones and you could end up on the fast track to osteoporosis.