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11 Funny Mental Health Benefits of a Pet


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Mar 2, 2020
Hey Guys I just published an article about 11 Funny Mental Health Benefits of a Pet and thought you might want to check it out. Also I am sharing a short and sweet version here.

Pets not only do a lot of fun activities with you, but they also provide you with mental health benefits, which are so good that it is almost comical to believe in the irony of them. But what are these hilarious mental health benefits offered by pets that can change your mental health drastically?

Well, I will look into each one of the benefits in detail by uncovering the stories of different people whose lives have been touched by these furry friends.

So let’s unravel these mysteriously funny mental health benefits to make it easier for you to take action right now and bring home a friendly four-legged creature as soon as possible and make it part of your family.

BENEFIT#1: Flying won’t be a horror show for you by boarding with your pet

Briteny was so afraid of flying since childhood that even a mere thought of boarding a plane leaped her heart into her throat. As a result, she had to use other modes of transportation, which frankly are slower than the herd of snails going uphill.

This aerophobia was crushing her desire to travel and explore the world. As a young 28-year-old passionate female, this phobia was like a black magic spell cast on her by her anonymous worst enemies.

She tried various medications alongside wasting a lot of money on therapy sessions, but her temporary benefits subsided quickly enough and also left a massive hole in her pocket.

But as she was about to give up all hope on adventuring to exotic new locations, something incredible happened to her. But what was this seemingly magical thing that took her phobia and tore it to a million pieces?

Well! The answer to this question is short, like most people’s acting careers, and consists of just four letters “PETS.”

Yeah, you have read it accurately. Pets can make your flying phobia go away as quickly as a cheetah running after its prey.

And how these pumpkin pies helped Brittany conquer her fear of flying?

What happened was not rocket science, and pets can help you the same way they helped Brenda if you have trouble going on a flight.

As her last resort, Brenda turned to the furry creatures for help and brought home Pikachu (Yeah, she named her poodle dog that) after obtaining an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) letter online.

Pikachu soon became her best amigo, and she finally decided to see her grandparents who live in North Carolina via a plane. But this time, she wasn’t alone; instead, her buddy was with her through this horrendous journey courtesy her ESA letter.

What occurred next was nothing short of amazing.

Brittany did not experience any flight terror or severe anxiety. She landed safely to her destination by just merely focusing on Pikachu during flight, sitting close to him, smiling at him the whole time.

So Pikachu became a cuddly savior for Britney and you can also overcome your fear of flying by simply obtaining your ESA letter from an authentic source, and adopting your own Pikachu or whatever the absurd name you want to call him/her.

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