vitamin b12

  1. A

    Don't buy from Nutriseed! (at least not vit. B12)

    After cancer treatment twelve years ago I could not absorb vitamin B12 in the normal way. I found out myself - noone told me! - that I had to use a high-strength supplement of 1000mcg. I did that happily for years and years and it worked fine. Eight months ago I needed some more, and as my usual...
  2. A

    Vitamin B12 supplements

    Good morning - does anyone here have experience with malabsorption (lack of intrinsic factor) and supplementation of vitamin B12? How much to take - how often - which type? Thanks!
  3. Solstice Goat

    Vitamin B-12; Do you take it? What type?

    Trying to make a poll here. :D Ahh good! It worked. Just about finished with Dr Brownstein's book on B-12. So, step up, take the poll, maybe you'll win a prize! ;)
  4. J

    Too much Vitamin B12 maybe?

    I've had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for such a long time but it was only diagnosed two and a half years ago. From that point on I've taken Vitamin B12 and it has been a God-send to me. I started off by having shots and after a few months I was swapped over to sub-linguals. It has made an...
  5. kind2creatures

    Prevent Alzheimer's With Specific Nutrients

    More information about how nutrients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Omega 3s, can help prevent Alzheimers.
  6. M

    Intravenous vitamins

    Has anyone used/given intravenous vitamins? I'm wondering how much they cost and if they are worth it. I hear wonderful things about intravenous glutathione, vit. C, and B12.
  7. N

    Need Advice Please... new member

    Hello there! I am getting desperate. I am supposed to go on medication for anxiety with depression... but I tend to have major side-effects and am very reluctant to take medication that alters my brain chemistry. I would like to explain myself to you and please post some helpful advice, links...
  8. kind2creatures

    Vitamin B12 for Healthy Aging

    Some of the benefits of B12... More on B12...
  9. kind2creatures

    Vitamin B12 for Energy, Mood and More

    Benefits of vitamin B12 for fatigue, depression and more... More about vitamin B12...
  10. M

    Low in Zinc and B12

    I have two known nutritional deficiencies that I've never addressed with supplements because I've wanted to get my body rebalanced first but years keep ticking by without a change so I'm ready to add supplements. The first is zinc. A naturopath did a test and he said I was extremely low...
  11. J

    My regime

    Hello, again, Well, after doing a lot of research I've decided upon a regime of vitamins I wish to take. It'd be awesome if I could get any input as to how safe my regime is? Obviously, I know most vitamins are safe, but I'm already stressed out to the max about my Tinnitus, and don't want to...
  12. J

    Now on to B12!

    So, in addition to taking Magnesium, I want to up my dosage of B12. Could anyone be so kind as to tell me is 1000mcg sublingual sufficient, or should I be taking more? I read some people take between 5000mcg-9000mcg, which seems over the top to me, but :confused: Also, any info on vitamin B3...
  13. J

    Vitamin overload?

    Hi, all, I have Tinnitus and am already taking multivitamins and ginkgo biloba. I want to add B12, Magnesium, and zinc to my regime and just wanted to ask if it would be safe to just start taking all three, or if it'd be better to phase them in; begin with one, then a month later add a second...
  14. Harry Hirsute

    Vitamin B12 Deficiency Associated with Brain Shrinkage