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  1. kind2creatures

    Prevent Alzheimer's With Specific Nutrients

    More information about how nutrients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Omega 3s, can help prevent Alzheimers.
  2. kind2creatures

    Chia Seeds for Omega 3s, Fiber and Protein

    I recently tried some Kombucha drinks with chia seeds suspended in them, and decided to buy a pound bag of whole chia seeds (Bob's Red Mill) from my local vitamin store. A one tablespoon serving contains Omega3 2282mg, Omega6 752mg, Fiber 5g and Protein 3g. So far I've just used them to...
  3. kind2creatures

    B Vitamins and Proper Omega 3 Ratio Critical for Alzheimer's Prevention

    Brain wasting or atrophy is a common sign of cognitive impairment and is closely associated with Alzheimer's dementia. The rate of brain atrophy is increased by higher concentrations of homocysteine in the blood and brain tissue. Researchers examining the results of this study found that the...
  4. jfh

    Omega3 may prevent obesity related problems

    Obesity is defined as weight that exceeds 15 percent of normal weight for height and body type. "Morbid" obesity exceeds 20 percent of optimum weight. The long-term health implications are well known, in fact, obesity is considered an outright disease. Life expectancy may be decreased in...
  5. kind2creatures

    Nutrition for Stress

    Nutritional Suggestions for Stress Water is essential in any healing process. Dehydration is the cause of many symptoms. 6-8 eight ounces glasses per day. Stress is also compounded by poor nutrition. Diets high in sugar that contain too many sweets, refined foods, tobacco, alcohol and...
  6. kind2creatures

    Krill Oil

    Any opinions on Schiff Mega Red Omega 3 Krill Oil? I have a coupon from Costco that'll save me $5. The price is usually around $17 for 90 softgels. I haven't been using Krill because of the high prices.
  7. Ted_Hutchinson

    New sunbed alert: UV rays penetrate far deep into the skin than previously thought

    New sunbed alert: UV rays penetrate far deep into the skin than previously thought Another Daily Mail Article I've wasted my time replying to so I've posted a copy here as well in case the Daily Mail version gets moderated off. Hopefully you'll find the original reply still here. Is it time...
  8. L

    Cod liver oil

    I bought some cod live oil but I'm not sure I trust it. It gives me a raspy throat and I take 4 fish oil capsules with 300 mg of Omega 3 per capsules for my cholesterol. I don't know how much Omega 3 is in cod liver oil. But I was wondering which is better the code liver oil or the Kirklands...
  9. kind2creatures

    Best of Fishy Medicine

    One of the most powerful natural health concepts I know of is to: think of food and supplements as serious medicine. Don’t just dismiss them as something we all need to sustain our bodies. Food is so much more than that. There are naturally occurring chemicals in everyday foods that can promote...
  10. saved1986

    Yes or no

    Udos 3-6-9 oil????????
  11. jfh

    Omega 3 fatty acids and diabetes risk–more than just fish oil?

    Perhaps other omega3 oils are better than fish oil. Background Nearly 12% of US adults have type 2 diabetes, a prevalence 25% greater than that reported only 20 y ago. Although the nation's battles with caloric overconsumption and obesity are largely to blame, some...
  12. kind2creatures

    Flaxseed for Omega 3 Needs

    Article about flaxseed use for Omega 3, as opposed to fish oil.
  13. G

    lupus and fibromyalgia

    Woke up one morning in April with inflamation and not being able to move in early April and the road since then has been on that gives me new symptoms each week. More testing will take place, but the rumetologist is leaning towards lupus. I seem to need 12hrs sleep on weekends and less than 8hrs...
  14. kind2creatures

    Natural Sunscreen Options

    A short article that discusses natural sunscreen options including omega 3 fish oil, green tea, dark chocolate, astaxanthin, etc. :sunshine:
  15. jfh

    High omega3 boosts risk of prostate cancer

    What!!!! Good grief! How confusing. Conversely, high percentage of trans-fatty acids linked with lower risk SEATTLE – The largest study ever to examine the association of dietary fats and prostate cancer risk has found what's good for the heart may not be good for the prostate...
  16. J

    My regime

    Hello, again, Well, after doing a lot of research I've decided upon a regime of vitamins I wish to take. It'd be awesome if I could get any input as to how safe my regime is? Obviously, I know most vitamins are safe, but I'm already stressed out to the max about my Tinnitus, and don't want to...
  17. jbo

    Fish Oil and correlation between cholesterol and heart diseases?

    I saw the documentary called supersize me, which if anybody hasn't seen it is about a guy who decides to eat at McDonald's for every meal for 30 days and at the end his body is in pretty bad shape. It's a popular documentary. So a few nights ago I saw a documentary to prove that supersize me...
  18. K

    Alzheimer's and omega-3

    Scientists discover omega-3s override the bad gene causing Alzheimer's
  19. kind2creatures

    Walnuts May Make Older Brains More Nimble

    Walnuts May Make Older Brains More Nimble APRIL 2009—Adding a moderate amount of walnuts to one’s diet may improve motor and behavioral skills in older individuals. At least that’s what happened among aged rats in a study at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at...
  20. Ted_Hutchinson

    A Paleolithic diet is more satiating per calorie than a Mediterranean-like diet

    A Paleolithic diet is more satiating per calorie than a Mediterranean-like diet in individuals with ischemic heart disease The full text is available at the link. Bear in mind these were all portly men (waist size above 37inches - > 94 cm) and they had heart disease + type 2 diabetes/impaired...