1. ozzie

    steam mops/machines

    I'm thinking about buying a steam machine to use in the laundry toilet and bathroom, and bathroom wall tiles, does anyone on here have one and are you happy with it? and do you do wall tiles with it? i'm trying to keep mold from developing in the bathroom and thought a steam mop might help to...
  2. S

    Lemons keep going moldy

    So I try to include lemons in my diet.. often in the morning squeezed into warm water, but lately I buy a couple lemons and leave them around and within a week at least one turns completely green with mold.. then I have to throw them all out - and of course molds aren't good for you so I try to...
  3. S

    Fruits keep molding in my kitchen?

    It seems like lately fruit/food starts to mold much quicker then normal.. I leave a lemon out a few days and it starts molding etc.. What could cause food to grow mold more quickly then usual? Is the air in my apartment moldy or something?