1. larrybuckley90

    Healthcare coordinators

    Hi, everyone!!! I'm Larry. I’m a Healthcare coordinators, I’ve 25 years of Experience in medical or health as a service manager. I’m handle many responsibilities like planning and coordinating the medical and health services in their scope of influence.
  2. kind2creatures

    Teen Awarded Custody of State Despite Parent's and Public Objection

    The parents of this girl have lost their right to choice of her medical treatment, and the teen has now been awarded permanent custody of the state of Massachusetts. Disturbing, to say the least, that something like this can happen in the United States of America. What do you think?
  3. kind2creatures

    Leading Cause of Death

    ...conventional medical care (article by Mercola)...
  4. M

    Home Health Emergency Programs

    Arrowwind09 recently posted this question on another post "What do you keep on your self for an at home health emergency or illness?" What a great question! What is your trusted product of choice for ill health? Ill health can be whatever you choose it to be. Currently I'm interested in...
  5. S

    no health insurance ?

    I am curious and wondering how much a walk in Clinic would charge if you don't have health insurance? Something like AEIOU walkin clinic I am between jobs and don't have any health insurance don't qualify for Cobra any more. Any case I believe I have bronchitics. So I am looking for any over...
  6. R

    Marijuana Has No Medical Use, FDA Says Oh heaven help us if there's a natural plant that helps chemo or AIDS patients keep their food down. Who can afford such rigorous scientific scrutiny--the dope dealers? FDA, is it nice 'n cozy in Big Pharma's bed...