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  1. kind2creatures

    How to Detox From Fluoride

    Some things you can do to help your body detox from fluoride. http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/how-detox-fluoride?page=1
  2. kind2creatures

    Fukushima's Effect on the U.S. West Coast in 2014

    We can't depend on the main stream media to tell us the truth about what's really happening with the radiation from Fukushima reaching the west coast. Shortly after the disaster, I bought some Potassium Iodide and Iodine with Potassium Iodide, but I don't have enough for real survival. The...
  3. M

    Information of Lugol's Iodine?

    Hello I am new to the forum.I am looking for information on lugols Iodine.I am new to this and not sure how to use the Forum.I do not know how to post a new message or topic. Yvette,Canada
  4. Arrowwind09

    Dr Brownstein Film on Iodine

    http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/brownstein/iodine_video/?s=al&promo_code=F5EC-1 This is a really good intro video to iodine and still had info I didn't know and also film also has an interesting comment from Edgar Cayce.
  5. Arrowwind09

    Iodine Discussion with Mercola and Brownstein

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v==related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v==relmfu here he discusses why seaweed products may not be the best choice due to high bromide and mercury levels http://www.youtube.com/watch?v==relmfu
  6. M

    Know about iodine

    This is a good article. http://iodine.imva.info/index.php/iodine-dosages/
  7. kind2creatures

    Diabetes - Iodine Connection

    Article about the use of iodine for diabetics to regulate blood sugar...http://www.healthy-eating-politics.com/diabetes-iodine.html
  8. Ted_Hutchinson

    Magnesium & Calcium Protect DNA from Radiation

    Magnesium & Calcium Protect DNA from Radiation I know I keep nagging people to increase magnesium intake but this Mark Sircus article and video from Dr. Chris Busby does explain why it's so very important.
  9. J

    Iodine/iodide supplement

    I clicked into a link on facebook for something called iodine plus2 for thyroid... it looked interesting, I was wondering what the 2 were... But, according to this writing, you need both iodine and iodide in order to help your thyroid....whats the difference between the two, and is this correct...
  10. B

    Glandulars...good or bad?

    Do glandulars cause the glands to atrophy? Someone told me this, which I never heard of before. I am taking glandulars for my thyroid (Biotics GTA Forte II) and Adrenals (Thorne Cortrex). Should I be avoiding glandulars? What are other ways to support my hypoactive thyroid and adrenal...
  11. lambyoung


    Hi Everyone, This is my first day here on the forum. I came here because I am looking for ideas on treating stomach ulcers naturally (I don't have H pylori, and never have. The ulcer came from use of ibuprofen). I am currently weaning myself off of famotidine (Pepcid AC) because I am concerned...
  12. kind2creatures

    Iodine Supplements

    Do Iodine supplements have a diuretic effect, increasing urination?
  13. Arrowwind09

    Radioactive Fallout is heading for the USA

    Don't wait for some governement agency to tell you. The nuclear reactors in Japan are melting down. The pacific air stream currents will start bringing us radioactive fallout to the USA very soon, in the next day or two. Start taking potassium iodide tablets that can be found in pharmacies...
  14. kind2creatures

    Mighty Minerals

    Mighty Minerals These elements play a key role in health and well-being. March 2011 (EnergyTimes) While less famous overall than their vitamin cousins, minerals play roles no less vital in the thousands of bodily functions required to keep the body alive and well. Some, such as...
  15. P

    bladder infections (iodine dosage?)

    I have been reading about taking this type of iodine for bladder infections. My question is what per cent and how much. I have read anywhere from 2 to 12 drops 3 or more times per day or every 2 hrs. Some have read 2 percent some read take 5 per cent, lost here on just what and how to take. I...
  16. L

    What Type of Iodine to Take?

    And how much to take? Dr. Miller suggest: Iodine – 12.5 mg/day – two drops of 5% Lugol’s solution (5 cents/day) or one Iodoral tablet (26 cents/day) Iodine taken in doses 100 times the RDA (100–150 micrograms/day) has...
  17. L

    Salt Vs Sodium Chloride

    Does Sodium Chloride have more iodine in it than real unrefined salt? Did people used to get goiters (idodine deficiences) due to rock salt being very poor in iodine?
  18. Y


    Would someone please inform me of how much iodine to take before receiving a complete body PET/CAT Scan to prevent thryroid damage? PLEASE, ASAP
  19. Arrowwind09

    Watch The Hoxsey Video

    I just finished viewing this video. This is a story of the most profound and repressed cancer cure of our time. And I wonder why we don't speak of it much here and on other forums. Could it be that many Hoxsey formulas have droped the ingredient of Lugol's Iodine? Since my in depth study of...
  20. pinballdoctor

    Almost everyone is deficient in IODINE

    http://www.mbschachter.com/Iodine.htm Iodine: Its Role In Health and Disease Some New Exciting Concepts Michael B. Schachter, M.D. Introduction Guy Abraham MD, former professor of obstetrics, gynecology and endocrinology at UCLA School of Medicine, has written a series of papers...