1. kind2creatures

    Is Your Thyroid Working, Take the Self Test

    Full article here. http://criticalhealthnews.com/health-news/25-ben-fuchs-articles/311-is-your-thyroid-working-try-a-self-test
  2. O


    My blood test showed a result of 4.7 for TSH, which suggests borderline hypothyroidism. My doctor will order more blood tests. I'm trying to reduce it to 2.0 as I'm trying to conceive. Are there any herbs/vitamins to take which can help treat hypothyroidism, even during pregnancy? I'm...
  3. Solstice Goat

    Coming in at #9, top 10 dog vet visits.

    Top 10 reasons for Vet Visits Top 10 reasons for Vet Visits Ever wonder what are the top health related reasons people bring their pet to the veterinarian? According to VPI, here they are: Dogs 1. Ear infections 2. Skin allergies 3...
  4. D

    Hypothyroidism Treatments?

    My seven year old daughter has Type I Diabetes and her last check up indicated that she had not gained weight since her previous check-up. So the doctor gave her a blood test and discovered that she has a thyroid that is slightly underactive (hypothyroidism). She has been prescribed the drug...
  5. jfh

    Hypothyroidism and hypertension

    Hypothyroidism is a complex condition that manifests as a constellation of signs and symptoms caused by low thyroid hormone levels in the body. Hypothyroidism makes one feel like an engine missing a spark plug. The mind and body are sluggish. Digestion is poor, cardiovascular function and...
  6. kind2creatures

    Voltage and Health

    Just caught a couple of minutes of this c2c radio show last night, thought it was interesting. Voltage and Health Show AudioReal (High Bandwidth)Win (High Bandwidth)Real (Low Bandwidth)Win (Low Bandwidth)MP3 Downloads:Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 Hour 4 Date: 07-21-10 Host: George Noory Guests: Dr...