1. N

    How to Decrease Temperature by Two Degrees?

    I hear you can radically increase lifespan by two degrees, and that would be 96.6 Fahrenheit, right? I was wondering, because I was thinking; is there a way to drop your temperature into the increased-longevity range, without caloric restriction (or a bum thyroid, and just feeling grouchy...
  2. kind2creatures

    What Happened to Ginseng Soda!

    We used to buy this great Ginseng Up soda at the local health food store. It came in small clear glass bottles, and had to be turned upside down, due to sediment on the bottom. That was the best!! Second choice was Ginseng Rush by Hansens...even that is no longer on the shelves. What...
  3. kind2creatures

    Complementary Lupus Care

    Complementary treatments for those suffering with Lupus. Siggestions include vitamin D, fish oil, turmeric, ginseng and pycnogenol. Exercise and stress reductions is also beneficial...
  4. kind2creatures

    Lab Tests for Ginseng, Fish Oil & St. John's Wort

    Today Dr. Oz gave a free 24 hour pass to consumerlab to read test results for 3 products only, after that they want you to pay to see information about other products. You give first name, email and password. Here's a few I jotted down that tested poorly. Ginseng Imperial Elixir Korean White...
  5. S

    Why do so many good foods/herbs lower BP?

    So what if your like me and you have the opposite problem of most people.. my blood pressure tends to run on the low side, maybe too low at times.. But it seems everytime I research some good food or herb I wanna take it says its lowers BP as if it were a good thing.. which it probably isnt for...