food additives

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    Should not eat such food as constipation

    Many people suffer from constipation pain every year. Occasionally the stool may be difficult for many reasons. Experts say that constipation due to lack of fennel food and insufficient water in the diet can lead to constipation. In addition to this, there is a bleeding or stroke in the brain...
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    Tips for gaining weight?

    I had an operation a few months back and since then I've been losing a lot of weight. I've calculated by BMI and apparently I'm underweight, almost severely. I know people will say "just eat more" but it really isn't that simple. It's problematic for my stomach to adjust to larger portions. My...
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    Only work out when you’re HUNGRY!

    Only work out when you’re HUNGRY: Going to the gym on an empty stomach helps to burn more fat, Scientists claim that the biggest gains at the gym may happen on a completely empty stomach After eating, the body is too busy responding to the meal consumed - meaning exercise won't arouse excess...
  4. Ted_Hutchinson

    Technology, Diet, and the Burden of Chronic Disease

    Technology, Diet, and the Burden of Chronic Disease Quite an interesting article re-enforces the need to be eating foods that have not been subject to modern processing techniques.
  5. kind2creatures

    Monosodium Glutamate ( MSG )

    Just noticed some MSG in some salad dressing we were eating :(