1. kind2creatures

    DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) Benefit Knowledge Increasing

    Here's some more benefits of using DMSO, in addition to the ones we've known for years now...
  2. L

    DMSO with Colloidal Silver?

    Does anyone know if there would be any interactions between DMSO and Colloidal Silver when mixing them together for a topical application. I tried it once last night and had good results. I could only find two references to this. One of a person who said he has done it, and one of a person...
  3. J

    My 5th Video - Oral & Topical Use of DMSO

    I could not find a subforum for DMSO so I hope this is a suitable area for this. I have just submitted my 5th video to YouTube featuring my oral use of DMSO as well as my co-worker's topical use of it. You can find it by clicking either link in my signature, or here...
  4. M

    Skin Cancer Cure

    I got an email from Dr Wrights newletter today. In it he talkes about a cure for skin cancer, basal cell, (not melanoma) made from an eggplant extract. When I searched for it I found a number of sited documenting its use and selling the product. This may be a good alternative to the black...