cancer treatment

  1. kind2creatures

    Ozone Therapy for Your Pet's Cancer and More

    Learn how Ozone Therapy is being used as a therapy for cancer in pets, autoimmune disease and more...
  2. kind2creatures

    Cancer Patients Die When FDA Restricts Dr. Burzynski's Treatments

    Dr. Burzynski's successful cancer treatments have been restricted by the FDA, allowing cancer patients to die...
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    80 Year Old Dying From Cancer Gets Cured With Cannabis

    Another success story of someone who is dying from cancer (or cancer treatments) being helped with the use of cannabis...
  4. kind2creatures

    Can Homeopathy Really Be Used to Treat Cancer?

    Interesting research on using homeopathy in the treatment of cancer...
  5. kind2creatures

    Beat Cancer with 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

    Thoughts on killing cancer cells using 35% hydrogen peroxide...
  6. kind2creatures

    Guide to Healing Cancer with Cannabis

    Informative links and videos regarding the use of Cannabis for the treatment of various cancers (from Arrow Durfee)...
  7. kind2creatures

    Bloodroot as Cancer Treatment

    Some information about the use of Indian black Salve or Bloodroot for treating cancer...
  8. kind2creatures

    1993 Interview About Essiac

    Interview which took place in 1993 with Dr. Gary L. Glum...
  9. K

    Cricketer Hits Cancer For Six

    English and Australian members will recognise the name of cricket legend John Edrich who has cured his cancer with mistletoe... Full story
  10. J

    Treat Cancer with Oxygen?

    From Dr. Robert Rowen’s Second Opinion e-newsletter: Are conventional cancer treatments based on bad science? Years ago, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, MD found that a key cause of cancer is low oxygen. People either don't get enough oxygen or their body doesn't effectively utilize the...
  11. kind2creatures

    Bromelain for Cancer

    Benefits of the pineapple enzyme 'bromelain' for cancer treatment...
  12. kind2creatures

    Cancer Treatment without Chemo

    Article of interest...
  13. kind2creatures

    Baking Soda, Cancer and Fungus

    Article which speaks about baking soda, cancer and related fungus...
  14. kind2creatures

    Integrative Medicine for Cancer Treatment Effects

    Benefits of some integrative medicine to ease the negative effects of conventional cancer treatments...
  15. kind2creatures

    Chang Shan (autoimmune/cancer)

    Chinese herb for autoimmune disorders and cancer (tumors)... Chang shan is a root extract of a specific type of Himalayan hydrangea plant, also known as hortensia, that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat malaria and other maladies. And a new investigation conducted by...
  16. kind2creatures

    Study: Antioxidants Kill Cancer Cells

    An article telling of a study done by the National Institutes of Health, which shows that antioxidants kill cancer cells, and the thought of using them as a chemotherapy agent in the future...
  17. kind2creatures

    Lemon for Cancer

    Here's an article about the benefits of lemon for cancer... More about Lemons:
  18. saved1986

    Just got back from the hospital

    Friend (61) has scleroderma and lung cancer. Saw him in Sept, looked really great (he said no to chemo), and then he changed his mind and had chemo. Looks really bad. Except for 2 cases, I have never seen chemotherapy or radiation improve anyone's life and have seen tons of cases where it has...
  19. kind2creatures

    Bitter Melon and Cancer

    I have some Bitter Melon capsules on hand in case my fasting glucose levels go into the pre-diabetic range. Here's an informative article that discusses the use of Bitter Melon for cancer.
  20. G

    Wish there was more research

    A few weeks ago our daughters test showed esophagus had healed from the surgery cut but there was still a fiscula and still cancer. A few days ago, she said she wanted to go have another test as now she can swallow the large supplement pills without trouble and the coughing stopped from the...