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    Seeking Thyroid Help

    I have had thyroid troubles for over twenty-five years, and that is despite being skinny as a rail. I have been tested at my local hospital as my thyroid falling within the normal range, but starting in my early teens, I started suffering what became chronic fatigue, panic attacks, and constant...
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    I Have Been Increasing Protein the Form of Eggs for Libido; WHadya Think?

    The past couple days, I have been eating a halfdozen eggs daily for good cholesterol to increase libido; whadya think? So far, it has diminished my ability to sleep,apparently. How long to see the results?
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    What Diet Can Raise Testosterone?

    I'm 39, am eating fairly healthy, supplement with coconut oil and Vitamins B and C, but I feel no libido increase. I eat my salads, avocado, onions, garlic, use a lot of tumeric 'n ginger, but nothing, even as I add fish meat to my diet. What gives?
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    How to Diagnose the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

    I was wondering; I'm skinny, in good health, and my doctor say I have testosterone within the normal range.
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    How to Tell What's Causing My Decreased Libido?

    I'm skinny, exercise, and I've taken zinc, but it doesn't do anything; I've also eaten a lot of garlic, and onion, for nitric oxide, as well as increased potassium intake. What do you think? is it because I damaged blood vessels in my penis due to masturbation or something? How to...
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    Niacin, or B12, Has Been a Near Game-changer for Me, but I "m

    I have found niacin to make me less obsessive, more relaxed, maybe too relaxed. I feel less cold, and my fingers, especially. Altering my diet has made me more flexible, but I still stress easy, and cannot focus for long periods, of time, or follow complex rules, well. My aspergers funnel...
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    What Drugs Stimulate Epinephrine/norepinephrine?

    I probably suffered adrenal fatigue before going numb, years back, and am probably still recovering, and am currently suffering from emotional numbness, which has more to do with an inability to stimulate adrenaline, than any loss of dopamine, though I'll soon be experimenting with mucuna...
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    How to Overcome Emotional Numbness with Supplements?

    I don't know why I feel numb, but I think I have enough dopamine to feel euphoria, but my body ain't triggering it, and that is a little different than shaking and trembling, which I have in the past felt. I've already on this forum mentioned my supplementation regime, which doesn't exactly...
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    What's a Good Supplement Regime for a Non Weight-lifting 39-year-old, who wants Renewed Libido?

    I know about zinc, and I have bought bananas for potassium, but what else? As for fat, I hear some Omega threes are bad for T (EPA?), and there's a ratio to follow. Also, soy is bad, and I need to avoid plastic containers for liquid. What else can be done...?
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    How to Decrease Temperature by Two Degrees?

    I hear you can radically increase lifespan by two degrees, and that would be 96.6 Fahrenheit, right? I was wondering, because I was thinking; is there a way to drop your temperature into the increased-longevity range, without caloric restriction (or a bum thyroid, and just feeling grouchy...
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    Seekin' a Somatic Experiencing Therapist

    I'm having a hard time, finding a decent therapist, as my following email shows. I'm trying to find a decent therapist for numbness, but it just ain't working. In any event, here is my email: I'm unemployed, thirty-nine years young, possessor of Medicare (my primary) /Medicaid (my secondary)...
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    Where to Buy Vitamin C Ascorbate?

    I understand it works better than ascorbic acid, and John Gray recommended it along with grapeseed extract, to alleviate brain inflammation, and ADHD symptoms. What is ascorbate compared to ascorbic, and what is the best brand to buy? I understand absorbate absorbs better, or something like...
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    I'm Seeking a Supplement Regime to Improve My ADHD Focus from Someone with ADHD

    I've got Aspergers, as well as ADD/ADHD. I'm thirty-eight years young, plus possessor of Medicare/Medicaid, which obviously limits my options, but causes me to come here, for cheap, plentiful--and hopefully effective--advice, especially as concerns naturopathy--and other treatments aimed at...