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    So many of you have been so supportive for so long for both myself and my husband, and now I find that again I covet any suggestion or input you might have for me. I know many will just say...t-i-m-e, and sometimes it feels like 'time' is standing still, sometimes it feels like it has been a...
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    Though I thought my life and that of my husband's was already in a spiral, life continues to have no guarantees. A few years ago, I bought stainless steel clad connectors for the washer, with the 'guarantee' that they would never leak. Well, that guarantee doesn't hold...
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    As we all well know, there a multitude of causes of breast cancer. A combination of environment, gene expressions for some cancers, and lifestyle. For those of you who might be interested, here is a free CD on environmental risk and...
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    This probably should be in humor, BUT much more SAD than funny... AND certainly embarrassing for those of us in Tx. I was going to post the entire clip, but decided to just give directions.
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    Helloooooo, anyone there??? :wink: My fish oil concerns... Because I continue to funnel most of our coins toward my husband's health issues, but also being very aware that I must TRY to stay as healthy as possible, many months ago when Julian Whitaker changed his Forward Plus formula and...
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    RA resource

    A very dear friend of mine struggling with RA has been on Enbrel for several years now. She was qualified for it early on. I have had grave concerns about it for 2plus years now, most especially since a very,very beautiful,young friend of mine died of complications from an extremely simple...
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    I have been using Mozilla Firefox for 2/3?? yrs now. Though I have been very happy w/it, a couple of wks ago I was devastated!!! Two yrs plus of bookmark collections DISAPPEARED!!!!!! I tried and tried to find them, but they are nowhere to be found. I heard from someone yesterday who also...