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    What is your favorite fruit? Why do you like it?

    Wild blueberries. Then red grapes in wine form ;)
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    Advancing OA and what is helping me now

    Hows the knee?
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    Alternative Treatments for Covid In Trouble

    Is there a better bioactive type of D3 to buy? I know the reports of benefits were by use of prescribed D. I can not forget the importance of taking magnesium, vit K2, and zinc, with vit D3. Lots of non gmo vit C. Is there a better D without a prescription?
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    Oral Polio Vaccine can cause Polio

    i truly believe vaccines are the cause of most terrible illnesses and our bodies CAN do what it is supposed to with good nutrition, clean water - decent sanitation and a bit of time without running to some pharma hore for a drug to suppress the toxin the body is trying to get rid of. grrr
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    Can not sleep

    I began the NO BLUE LIGHTS after dusk protocol a few years back. I have certain yellow bulbs in some lamps, and a yellow night lite. It helps me. There also is NO computer on, NO WIFI! on, NO TV in sleeping rooms, NO CORDLESS PHONE!! pretty much nothing plugged in but a lamp with a yellow...
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    Birth to Death and Our Hormones

    Wondering...are the products the synthetic type?
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    Exercise is the most effective medicine

    Exercise is an important part of keeping your wits about you: DEMENTIA prevention. Helps with so many things!! Lowering glucose is a plus since ALZHEIMER'S has been called Type 3 Diabetes. I am doing a protocol to help with...
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    Pharma - Learn The Risks

    Wo. She has a health history, huh?
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    Pharma - Learn The Risks

    I am on their email lists. I do get the info when released. Isn't it something? When I began my reinvent the wheel of health of myself back in 2005/06 there were so many sites, so much info. Helped me a great deal especially when medicine wanted to remove things or insert things. I spoke...
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    Worth reading

    Healthy People 2020 and the Decade of Vaccines - Vaxxter Dr. Sherri Tenpenny writes: Elimination of Exemptions: The Playbook On page 75 of this document, the playbook for the current flurry of vaccination laws is succinctly and shockingly laid out. Increasing Vaccination Rates: Improving the...
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    A New Perspective in Medicine

    Oh boy, you are not kiddin, jamin!! It is frustrating. I want to challenge each med I come close to when I feel resistance coming on. She is in too much pain to argue with them. I was waiting for her as she was called in and I could hear the "doctor" tell nurse in office as each patient...
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    Worth reading

    Has anyone looked into the possible Healthy People 2020 act? It has been rewritten as years pass -- something tells me this thing is going to be real in 2020. ADULT vaccinations...hepc, dtap, mmr boosters, shingle, flu, pnuemonia, hpv, depending on age. ETC. MANDATORY. what? what will be...
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    Apple cider vinegar

    I have read, that it is very helpful for any scalp fungal issues! Letting thick hair to stay wet may cause a fungal problem - to use acv to rinse!
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    hey everyone----

    Hi! :)
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    Pharma - Learn The Risks

    And I am one that will try as best as I can to not get sick. :)
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    A New Perspective in Medicine

    A rant - to no one in particular :) What "if"? What if a human is having health issues, some that may be serious, but due to divorce MUST have the free medical coverage and finds no doctor that actually treats? DOCTOR -- Postpones: wait until the cysts get larger, wait until the...
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    Discovery of Apoe3/4: A chance to prevent? Or worry until...

    :confused: Ready to dive in to the female, over 60 years of age - apoe3/4 "pool." With a sensitivity to mercury *great AND a mthfr snp. Found Bredesen protocol (claims of reversals are many for those in "his" program),, but just not sure the info is the do all end all -- yet...
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    Really?:shock: To be followed up by FORCED mammograms later on!! best of luck
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    Odd Blood Test Results and sort of - WORRIED!!!

    For years I have had elevated LDL in lipid tests. But my HDL and ratio is good, so I keep on with a good diet. Exercise? Not so much. The last couple of years *after a one-time kidney stone stenting* I have had low levels of uric acid, which I took as a good sign, since I could not find...
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    Anyone familiar with the ONCOblot blood test?

    I have been reading about it here: How sensitive is this blood test? The ONCOblot® Test has been shown to detect cancer as early as Stage 0. The limit of detection is an estimated 2 million cells (2 mm or less tumor mass, roughly the size of a pinhead)...