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    Good to see you are feeling much better and moving forward with your life peaceguru.
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    Ever Forget Whether You Took a Vitamin or Not?

    Margaret I take Natures own womens multi vitamin l-lysine apparently good for bones as well as cold sores coq10 fish oil 3000 mg with recomended by my acupuncture dr for inflammation I sometimes wonder if I have taken them as I take them with my breakfast.
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    Have You Received the PCV13 Vaccine

    I have just found out last week when I saw my Granddaughter that she doesn't have to have the flu vaccination, thank goodness,but she just recently had to have the hepatitis c vac,her mum works for the disabled care and doesn't have to have flu vaccination either. This is the worst flu season...
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    Thousands of cancer diagnoses tied to a poor diet

    I agree with that,we have to be responsible for own health. I have actually seen cancers in chicken meat and lamb and chickens are only 8 weeks old when killed for the market no matter what size they are I know because I have worked for KFC in a Chicken factory, many years ago.
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    About Homeopathy

    My husband took arnica pillules when he had his Hernia operation they helped a lot with pain and bruising,cant remember what strength or dosage though as it was along time ago. I believe Queen Elizabeth uses Homeopathy.
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    A New Perspective in Medicine

    A very interesting read Dr Diamond,thank you, I whole heartedly agree with everything you have written,and I will read some more from your Web site. Our son is also a natural healer he is a Bowtech teacher and practicioner.
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    Patients prescribed Statins

    If Doctors prescribe Statins for their patients, they should also suggest that they take Ubicqinol/COQ10 to lessen the side effects of wasting muscles and pain and also memory loss.
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    Oh the horror! Fake meat hits the market.

    We don't eat meat, only fish, but we do eat some fake meat, like sausages, bacon, etc you can also get vegetarian cheese that are like most of the different types of cheeses you can buy Vegie Sausages -
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    Muscle pain in arm is constant

    Ruth I was wondering if you have tried a copper bracelet, I dont have a bracelet. I have one of these that my daughter gave me when I was having trouble with my knee, they are quite good,but you must not use them if you have a pacemaker for your heart,its like having mild electic shocks,sort of...
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    Which natural remedies, plans, herbs etc has worked best to improve your Diabetes 1?

    Hello gunpas,cinnamon is good for diabetes just sprinkle some cinnamon powder on your breakfast cereal, it has to be a good brand though,just ask at your health food store, apparently ginger and milk thistle are suposed to be good for it as well. Did you know that you can get diabetes from...
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    I like

    Thank you for the info Matrix
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    what is the difference?

    We can buy Psyllium husks at the supermarket in bulk about $14 au a kilo
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    Prinzmetals Angina

    It is quite Rare and happens when you least expect it, mine is more variant, hubbys mainly happens at night. I don't do yoga or meditation or self hynosis. We live a healthy lifestyle,no drinking ,smoking or drugs and gave up smoking 40 years ago, and have a healthy diet. It seems to come in...
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    I like

    I would like to say that I like the new Forum format, so easy to use,thank you Matrix.
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    Prinzmetals Angina

    I have recently found out from a heart specialist that there is no cure for Prinzmetals Angina which only comes on in the early hours of the morning or when you are can be brought on by emotional stress and the cold weather, it will not show up on stress tests taken at the hospital...
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    what is the difference?

    What is the difference between Metumucil, and phsylium husk? the only difference is the price, metumucil is flavoured and therefore more expensive,whereas physlium husk is natural, they both do exactly the same thing. I use phsylium on my oats in the morning,just a desert spoon full,it helps to...
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    Have You Received the PCV13 Vaccine

    Thank you Kind2creatures, she only started uni in Feburary and seems to be enjoying and doing well so far. I think she would eventually like to do pediatrics or something to do with children, when she finishes uni.
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    What Music Do You Like and Are Listening To?

    Thank you so much kind2creatures. for puting in the links for those songs.The little boy in the Kelly family that sings Davids song is all grown up now, and I believe the family still sings and tours I think the mother and father of the family have passed on.
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    Have You Received the PCV13 Vaccine

    I don't get any vaccines, I cant remember the last time I had a flu and have been in and out of hospitals a bit lately with hubby. I believe vaccinations compromise our immune systems According to the radio,this is the worst flu season we have had here in this state so far so the vaccines...
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    What Music Do You Like and Are Listening To?

    I too love Somewhere Over the Rainbow Its a Wonderful World, By lois Armstrong The kelly family, singing, Davids Song Raimonds Pauls with Sonja Bishop singing Do You Know Sonja Bishop singing Ping Pong with the Moon with Raimonds Pauls Orchestra I like classical music ,as well as some pop...