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  1. J

    One of the old time members have passed away

    Hey folks haven't been on here for a long while, but wanted to stop by and inform you that one of our original members passed away today.... I have been talking to her on facebook lately, so for the life of me, I cant remember her user name here... Maybe one of you can help me with that...
  2. J

    Needing info for RBO, anyone still have it?

    Years ago, Rosie^o^/shapshftr, did some extensive research on Rice Bran Oil. I saved it, always hoping to be able to print it out... Never got that far. Now when I find I need it, because someone wants the info, I cant find it... Do any of you oldtimes that have been here for ever or maybe it...
  3. J

    forty year old honey

    A friend of mine recently was paid to clean out an old shed that hadnt been opened since the seventies. She found a bunch of gallon size glass wine jugs. Some still with the wine in it. (havent been brave enough to taste it yet. sort of smells like moonshine). But there was some honey gathering...
  4. J

    possible gall bladder issues

    I have been having severe pain in my left side for a few days now, accompanied by diarreah...Last night, I had terrible nausea when I even looked at dinner (beef and noodles) didnt eat... Still pain this morning, no appetite (which in my case is a good thing) and stomach is still rolling... the...
  5. J

    Looking for a german tv show

    On a Tar Syndrome facebook page, someone posted this comment Is there anyone here that lives in Germany that can find out the name of the show and if its possible to get this on the internet... I along with alot of other folks, would love to watch this!!!
  6. J

    fasting/liquid diet???

    On the first of the month, I felt compelled to do a ten day water fast (a God thing). I felt great, didnt have any problems. No weakness, no withdrawals from anything, and surprisingly, no hunger. At the end of ten days, I have no desire to go back to eating yet, so I havent. I have thought that...
  7. J

    Iodine/iodide supplement

    I clicked into a link on facebook for something called iodine plus2 for thyroid... it looked interesting, I was wondering what the 2 were... But, according to this writing, you need both iodine and iodide in order to help your thyroid....whats the difference between the two, and is this correct...
  8. J

    Fat Police

    Some so-called doctor thinks that maybe the government needs to take kids away from parents if the kids are obese..... and so it continues.... I bet michelle will jump on this one and put it into being
  9. J

    is a hysterectomy in my future???

    BEWARE MEN, TALKING THE PERIOD ISSUE HERE.. FAIR WARNING FOR YA IN CASE YOU WANT TO STEP BACK OUT!!!! So ok, I bragged too soon! after missing about three months worth of periods, it seems they have come back in force...For the past two, possible three weeks, (trying to put this nicely...
  10. J

    I need energy!!!!!!!!

    I am exhausted, constantly! I have no energy to do anything. Is it possible that my house is making me like this...sometimes it seems like when we go places for overnight that once I get there, that I have lots of energy and cant sit still...but when I am home, it seems I cant get moving long...
  11. J

    symptoms of dog allergy

    Can an allergic reaction to a dog cause vomiting and diarreah??? If a 4 year old child is living in the same house with a dog, if there is an allergy, what would the normal allergic reaction look like? Im saying that a food allergy has to be causing the diarreah and vomiting.... if it was...
  12. J

    give me better ideas then the cancer thoughts please!!!

    I got a phone call from my daughter in Indiana today... My almost 16 year old granddaughter has been having some symptoms that we just cant ignore... She has recently started losing alot of hair.. mom realised last night that granddaugters hair is unusually thin compared to 6 months ago... She...
  13. J

    poison ivy on eyelids

    Ok, so I did it...wasnt thinking, but that dern poison ivy is crawling all over the side of my house....So yesterday, I grabbed one of the heavier vines and just started pulling it off the house...Wouldnt you know it, a branch came back and hit me in the face, across my eyes and one of my...
  14. J

    douglass report on one minute cure for cancer

    A lady on one of my raw milk groups posted this video link, wondering if anyone knows what this one minute cure is.... I am guessing either hydrogen peroxide treatment or maybe the baking soda cure.... does anyone happen to have any idea what this report is talking about...
  15. J

    late night eating

    I need some help. My son who is in his late twenties, has about 100 pounds to lose. We all have decided that we as a family need to work together to get this weight off.... The daughter in law normally does most of the cooking, and its usually full of processed carbs, and dinner would normally...
  16. J

    Home made dishwasher detergent

    Lehmans just posted this recipe for homemade dishwasher detergent on their facebook page... thought ya'll might be interested. I dont have a dishwasher, so I cant tell ya if it works. Its interesting to know that the vinegar in the rinse aid compartment will help get rid of the water spots
  17. J

    Edgar Cayce books??

    Was looking for a kidney cleanse today, and ran across this site that sells Edward Cayce books (its curezone) I have heard alot of things about Edward Cayce, and feel his books would be a good investment.... But money is always a factor to look at.... Is this the extent of his books, or is there...
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    breast feeding problems

    My daughter is breast feeding, but because she is also working, she is having a supply problem... She was asking me about herbs to increase milk supply. She told me she found one website that recommended a couple..and directed me to here...\...
  19. J

    MadSci, can you make a new toy????

    I have been reading a book called "how to live without electricity and like it, by anita evangelista.. I actually really enjoyed the book...And while I dont think I could ever live totally without electricity, I would like to think and hope that I can make a few changes to make my electricity...
  20. J

    long week, some bad (pneumonia) and some good!

    As alot of you know, I am a foster care provider for a disabled girl. Because we are in a federally funded program, we have alot of rules we have to follow. Would drive a sane person crazy! I have kept her on a very lo processed carb diet, not much sweets or sugar. basically meats veggies and...