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  1. ozzie

    Small fruit benifits eyes

    Cape Gooseberry, a small fruit with many benifits and easy to grow.I am growing some to help with eyesight. https://ayushology.com/health-benefits-of-fruits/amazing-health-benefits-of-cape-gooseberry/
  2. ozzie

    Rinitadine for heartburn / indigestion, being withdrawn from sale

    In Australia because it is causing cancer.
  3. ozzie

    Beware the dangers of braces

    Teeth may look realy good once they have been straightened ,but there are side affects of teeth straightening,as has happened with Granddaughter, and it now looks as if she might have to have some false teeth. https://www.blodgettdentalcare.com/can-braces-cause-gum-recession/
  4. ozzie

    Jack fruit

    Has anyone on here tried Jack Fruit and if so how do you like it?
  5. ozzie

    Hamstring exercise

    Looks like a good exerscise http://myfiveminuteyoga.com/681/five-minute-yoga-challenge-roll-your-feet-on-a-tennis-ball-to-loosen-your-hamstrings/
  6. ozzie

    Bowen therapy/Bowtech

    Our son who is a teacher and practicioner of Bowen therapy has been treating my shoulder and it is helping, it is also very good for other complaints. this man and his wife were taught by Mr Tom Bowen, and our son has also had some lessons from Ossie Rentsch,Ossie travels all over the world...
  7. ozzie

    Worth reading

    Here is a list of vaccine Ingredients from the CDC. I would not like to have any of these in my body. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf
  8. ozzie


    Do you find you suffer more with indigestion,the older you get?
  9. ozzie

    Sock slider

    I was wondering if anyone uses an aid for helping with dressing? I have this sock slider which is a great help for me as I have a bad back and cant bend down as far as I would like. https://shop.auspost.com.au/product/sock-slider-11419
  10. ozzie

    Apple cider vinegar

    A great treatment for fungal nail infections is to put a cotton wool ball soaked in apple cider vinegar on it for a while each day until it has gone, it works a treat,you dont need over the counter medications
  11. ozzie


    Did you know that mini strokes and silent migraines have symptoms very much the same,and tests have to be done to prove that it isn't aTIA.
  12. ozzie

    Patients prescribed Statins

    If Doctors prescribe Statins for their patients, they should also suggest that they take Ubicqinol/COQ10 to lessen the side effects of wasting muscles and pain and also memory loss.
  13. ozzie

    I like

    I would like to say that I like the new Forum format, so easy to use,thank you Matrix.
  14. ozzie

    Prinzmetals Angina

    I have recently found out from a heart specialist that there is no cure for Prinzmetals Angina which only comes on in the early hours of the morning or when you are relaxed.it can be brought on by emotional stress and the cold weather, it will not show up on stress tests taken at the hospital...
  15. ozzie

    what is the difference?

    What is the difference between Metumucil, and phsylium husk? the only difference is the price, metumucil is flavoured and therefore more expensive,whereas physlium husk is natural, they both do exactly the same thing. I use phsylium on my oats in the morning,just a desert spoon full,it helps to...
  16. ozzie

    need to have a rant

    I'm not happy son and his family have just lost their family tax benifits just because they won't and don't believe in having there kids vaccinated,also looks like little 4 year old granddaughter wont be able to continue going to child care for the same reason. On the news a couple of nights ago...
  17. ozzie

    Excellent apps for showing Heart

    Here are a couple of apps I found one showing the Heart working, and another about how Cancer grows in the body. http://eu.bodyxq.org/START
  18. ozzie

    interesting site

    This is a great site for looking at what is in our food and also the little world calculator on the bottom of the page is interesting as well. http://mbm.net.au/
  19. ozzie

    Wellness warrior

    This young woman and her mother are an inspiration to people fighting cancer,she also has some great recipes on her site. http://www.thewellnesswarrior.com.au/2013/01/my-favourite-healthy-comfort-foods/#respond
  20. ozzie

    Rocket/arugula allergic reaction

    I have been growing rocket in our garden and after eating it i have had a bad reaction, swollen mouth inside, toungue sores and feeling quite out of sorts, so I thouht I would let others know as well, incase they get a reaction. Here is a site where other people have found, and stated they are...