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  1. Azurr0

    Natural Anxiety Relief - L-Theanine

    It does help, yes. But for some people, it may not be potent enough. It is definitely not as potent as benzos. I wish there were some really potent and non-addictive supplements for relieving tension, but I haven't found out about any.
  2. Azurr0

    What's a Good Supplement Regime for a Non Weight-lifting 39-year-old, who wants Renewed Libido?

    Like the above member said, maca root. Black maca for males, red maca for females. Usually one dose of powder in the morning is more than enough, sometimes even half a dose.
  3. Azurr0

    Did You Ever Play With A OUIJA BOARD...what happened?

    Once, the glass moved over the letters, but it was gibberish. This is not a good method for contact, for a clear and precise contact you need to be able to lower your brainwave frequency to a certain number, and that requires years upon years of practice. I know some people that have managed...
  4. Azurr0

    What are your experiences with energy therapy?

    Hello, I wanted to know if any of the members have managed to improve their health using one (or more) available energy therapies, like bioenergy, reiki, etc. I have found great success with it because I know some very good healers, but they are very hard to find, most people are charlatans...