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  1. cyber-junkie


    I have a friend that has psoriasis, I just saw a health special that one of the speakers said psoriasis was caused by excess copper in the liver and to get it under control you need to drink fresh celery juice daily. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. cyber-junkie

    Is John Ellis water more snake oil?

    Anyone heard of or used John Ellis water? The website says this water "will attack cancer cells"
  3. cyber-junkie

    oxygenated water supplements

    There are several products that you add to water that "claim" to help oxygenate water and say it will oxygenate the body and help the body to become more alkaline. A family member has a client that says they worked on a product called "Liph" containing water, liquid silicon dioxide and sodium...
  4. cyber-junkie

    COVID Vaccine or not?

    Who will you take the vaccine or not? I don't know much about vaccines other than what I have been told, that they introduce a mutated or inactive form of the virus to make the body create antibodies, is this true? And if so would catching it and developing antibodies naturally be better...
  5. cyber-junkie

    Need opinions now...Please!

    My 95 year old dad just fell and broke his femur, they hospital is calling it a hip/leg fracture and recommending surgery, at his age is this the correct road to be going down? Thanks for any help
  6. cyber-junkie

    Ear infection and medical establishment screwup

    I came down with an ear infection couple of weeks ago, inatially I used some home made collodial silver, it got a little better, kinda held it's ground but didn't go away (probably din't use it long enough) I went to my PCP (the MD is alternative and holestic) anyway, she prescribed amox-clav...
  7. cyber-junkie


    My Chiropractor and a Rolfer were talking about this stuff and how it appears to help with memory issues for one.
  8. cyber-junkie

    Nutrasilver has closed it's doors...I'm sad

    Does anyone know why?
  9. cyber-junkie

    I want my taste buds back...

    I came down with a cold a couple months ago, food and everything has not tasted right since, it kinda tastes like a sucked on a non-flavored zinc lozenge, one of my doctors said taste is a product of smell and if my sinuses were clogged that might explain it, he suggested I get a can of mist...
  10. cyber-junkie

    Janus kinase (or JAK) inhibitor for hair loss

    I have read a bit about the Janus kinase (or JAK) inhibitor for hair loss, it seems to be a possible real solution or at least great help with hair loss, I have to wonder if there isn't something natural that would do about the same thing?
  11. cyber-junkie


    I have read some on prostatitis and still not sure that is my problem as my symptoms are that it starts as a bad pressure feeling and builds to a pain level of 8 or so, the pain/feeling seems to be in the area of the prostate and over the course of 10 - 20 minutes it subsides and goes away, I...
  12. cyber-junkie

    Collodial Silver dosage

    Is there a Collodial Silver dosage that is universally agreed on? I am battling a bad cold and chest infection and want to know where should I be for dosage. Most bottles of the store bought CS that is approx. 10 ppm says a tablespoon or such 2 or 3 times daily but Nutrasilver sells their 3600...
  13. cyber-junkie

    Slightly hyper thyroid but cold feeling???

    I am slightly hyper thyroid, not enough for my MD to do anything but he says we need to keep an eye on it, but over the last few years my body temp has gone down (I used to be able to stand pretty cold temps where now I get cold) and I don't burn calories like I used to and have far less...
  14. cyber-junkie

    Nutrient absorption

    How much of the nutrients from food/supplements should we absorb? And with the growing digestive issues people seem to be having, are we slowly kinda starving to death even when we eat good? I am a Land Surveyor in my 50's and because of my field I walk and walk and walk...get the pic...
  15. cyber-junkie

    Actigall/Ursodiol (ursodeoxycholic acid)

    I am not sure I am posting this in the correct place. I have been using the generic Actigall which is Ursodiol due to having gallstones and cholestasis, it does help and seems to be working. The price for 1 month has been around $70, now it has jumped to over $200 :shock: for the generic...
  16. cyber-junkie

    Friend possibly dying, looking for opinions

    A friend of mine is possibly dying, looking for opinions. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few years ago and after the initial two surgeries to remove the large intestine and the re-connection his wound and hernia (from the surgeries) has never healed. The last two or three surgeries...
  17. cyber-junkie

    Benefits of Activated Charcoal

    Thoughts on using activated charcoal either daily or semi-daily for a period of time and then taking a break before resuming. I have been reading about it and it seems to have some real good qualities like the amount of toxins it can absorb and safely carry out of the body, the poisons it can...
  18. cyber-junkie

    Water Kefir vs Kombucha

    Which is better for the digestive system? water kefir or kombucha? I make my own water kefir and it smells...well kinda like yeast, is that bad for you? Like most people I probably have enough yeast, mold and bacteria already in me, will the water kefir add to the problem or not? Does real...
  19. cyber-junkie

    Vitamin B12 is it a super vitamin?

    Is Vitamin B12 a super vitamin? My MD that is a holistic MD says he give lots of B12 shots, he says most people are deficient in it and the oral form is not well absorbed and the shots give many benefits, I am not big on shots and there are reasonably priced B12 supplements. comments please.
  20. cyber-junkie

    Kombucha yeast

    I have read and many say Kombucha is very good for your digestion, I assume it's because it's a fermented product and the probiotics that are good for you. Kombucha is "brewed" from a scoby, a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, my question is that I use probiotics due to the yeast/candida...