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  1. saved1986

    Velvet Bean (mucuna pruriens) powder

    and the extract. A natural source of L-dopa. Has anyone tried it?
  2. saved1986

    Elbow bursitis

    I developed elbow bursitis, any alternative suggestions would be appreciated
  3. saved1986

    MSM for macular degeneration

    anyone know anything?
  4. saved1986

    Interesting, but the dollar was backed then

  5. saved1986

    Need help with a cousin issue

    I have a cousin who is now 58 and when she gets depressed or overwhelmed she decides to be rude and nasty. Mainly to me, but also with others and anything sets her off. Especially saying anything negative about MDs or doing anything differently than she does. Any ideas?
  6. saved1986

    89 year old mom needs carotid artery surgery

    I said no. 80 percent blockage and she is on the weak side, no way will I let them anethisize her and do this. Too much risk. I did agree to Plavix and a low dose statin, but only pravachol and the hospital sent a script for 20mg. I am seeing her GP Monday and asking for 10mg. Also, I wills...
  7. saved1986

    urgent request

    a couple yrs ago someone posted a website where you type your doctors name in and it tells you how much they received from the pharmaceutical companies. Does anyone have that site
  8. saved1986

    Advice needed: Possibly RA or OA

    I have been having a little trouble with my right knee and last week, both knees became sore and stiff. I am on my feet all day and do not want to take anti-inflammatories daily. Who has had success with herbbs/supplements?
  9. saved1986

    7 flowers tablets

    A Chinese herbal preparation is suppose to lower BP. Anyone have any experience with this supplement?
  10. saved1986


    I went out with a friend to an outdoor bar restaurant today and she said a friend of hers would be there. We are both 54 and her friend hit me like a tons of brick: very beautiful lady. While we were talking she said she was 68 (I was guessing 50). I was totally floored and I asked her what she...
  11. saved1986

    Guy down the street has cancer everywhere

    Friend of the family stopped by 3 weeks ago and asked me what this means (he had tests done and they sent him the report). Basically, this was what I could figure out. Multiple lung lesions, active lymph node, a couple bone lesions. He is 80 or 81. I said, it does not look great but do not let...
  12. saved1986

    Fibromyalgia and Scleroderma

    A lady I went to high school with has scleroderma and now has fibromyalgia. I messaged her a yr ago with the scleroderma to lay off dairy and take turmeric and bromolian. NO RESPONSE and today she posted she now has fibromyalgia, but I will not message her anything. Some people will only listen...
  13. saved1986

    Natural recommendation and an offense

    Some local lady I am facebook friends with (my friends know her, I do not), mentioned she has MS. I sent her a private message saying avoid dairy and start taking turmeric. She is sure I am a nutcase because she is a nurse.
  14. saved1986

    Formaldhyde in Shrimp

    Amazing what corporations will do to save a penny http://www.businessinsider.com/how-restaurants-cut-corners-to-save-money-2014-12
  15. saved1986

    Magnesium: the quick acting supplement

    I have a friend, a co worker and an aquantance who I gave magnesium to and their leg cramps went away. Also I know 2 people who use it successfully to reduce the number of migraine attacks
  16. saved1986

    This should go under the mental illness board

  17. saved1986

    Chemotherapy costs

  18. saved1986

    Was at a Korean restaurant yesterday

    In Cleveland. Ordered the ginger tea and WOW: it was a mix of thinly julienned ginger, orange peel and honey and was fantastic. The meal was mussels, squid, carrots and some other veggies cut up very small with hot chili paste over rice. That is how man is suppose to eat.
  19. saved1986

    More waste of tax dollars, the reason is obvious

    Last week, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stated that it has $2 million in grant money set aside for a study examining the relationship between prescription narcotics and benzodiazepines and indoor plumbing. http://www.gomerblog.com/2014/10/nih/
  20. saved1986


    69 yr old guy at work had / has it and was complaining and the doc said nothing they could do. I looked it up and showed him that magnesium supplements can help. I had some doctors best and I gave him 2 X 100 mg capsules 2 days in a row and that weekend he went to a health food store and...