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  1. truestorytotell

    Super healthy -- but hyperparathyroidism got me

    Congrats on a successful surgery. Yay :) Buy yourself something nice to treat yourself :D
  2. truestorytotell

    Social Media And Depression

    You wouldn't believe how many of those followers and friends and likes are not real, but purchased. I sell social media services, and believe me when I tell you, tons of people buy these things. As far as the topic goes, social media is my business, it's what puts food on the table, so whether...
  3. truestorytotell

    Is it called sleep paralysis?

    Oh my God, this happened to me twice in my life that I can remember. The worst part was that both times while I was awake/paralyzed, I had a horrible terrifying feeling that someone was coming to hurt me, and there was NOTHING I could do about it. The first time this happened I was living with...
  4. truestorytotell

    Natural Ways to Fight Your Depression

    I believe the first thing that should be tried is dealing with the actual cause of the depression before looking at chemical imbalances. I heard a story the other day on a podcast. Some guy was talking who dealt with depression for years or whatever. And he told a story about going to some...
  5. truestorytotell

    Itchy spot on my leg (photo)

    Yeah man, definitely will report back. I found a dermatologist who worked for many years in the USA, and I called to make an appointment, but unfortunately he's in the US until October, so now I have to decide whether to wait or go elsewhere. I don't want to go elsewhere. I want to go to this...
  6. truestorytotell

    Looking for my new tribe

    You should be, there's no other forum like this one. Welcome :)
  7. truestorytotell

    Scar treatment

    I still have this scar here. It's not a huge deal. However, there are 2 problems I have with it. 1) Aesthetics - it looks like I have 6 knuckles. I don't like it. 2) Pain - it doesn't hurt, but if pressure is applied or if I hit that area somewhere by accident, there's pain. More pain than...
  8. truestorytotell

    Tongue mycosis

    So, 10 years later I still have this. About 7 years ago I stopped all healthy living, supplements, everything. But 40 days ago I started again, and I will be dealing with this too. I believe it's candida overgrowth that's causing this. Aside from the general measures I've taken to improve my...
  9. truestorytotell

    Itchy spot on my leg (photo)

    I can't believe it's been 3 years since I started this thread. I still have this, and it's bigger now than in my original photo. To recap. This thing appeared about 3 years ago. Soon after I went to Greece for 10 days, and it went away. Then I came back home and it returned. Then I purchased...
  10. truestorytotell

    Super healthy -- but hyperparathyroidism got me

    Sorry to hear about that. I can't be of any help, but I wish you all the best.
  11. truestorytotell

    What about soap, body wash, and shampoo?

    I looked around and found some interesting shampoos and soaps I can buy. You know, alcohol free, paraben free, with various natural oils etc. I'll take a deeper look when the time comes. Funny you mention it, I did see a soap advertised as shampoo. But to be honest, I'd rather my soap be solid...
  12. truestorytotell

    What about soap, body wash, and shampoo?

    This is what I'm talking about: Though I'm not really interested in nitpicking to figure out which specific chemicals to avoid and which are okay... as far as we know okay. I like the radical approach. So I'll go as lightweight and as minimalist as possible, and make it easy on myself :) I...
  13. truestorytotell

    What about soap, body wash, and shampoo?

    I'm putting this in the Skin section of the forum, as it's related to the stuff you put on your skin. So for the past many years I've been using the regular body washes and shampoos and soaps. Ingredients include: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Cocamidopropyl, Betaine, Glycerin...
  14. truestorytotell

    Truestorytotell - I'm back!

    It is inconvenient, but I'll figure something out. The good thing is that most supplements don't "spoil." Now, probably they can get stale, I guess. Lose their potency over time. But I'll figure out a way to get the supplements that I want from overseas, and then buy big, and sit on it. Not buy...
  15. truestorytotell

    What about Mouthwash?

    I tried oil pulling about 2 years ago for a while. I don't know, I wouldn't really want to make it a part of my daily or weekly routine. I know myself, and I know what I'm willing to adopt and what I'm not :) That's not to say that I wouldn't do it if I knew for a fact it would do great big...
  16. truestorytotell

    Truestorytotell - I'm back!

    Hmm.. I just thought maybe she returned or you at least know some other place where she hangs out or can be reached. I'd really like to say hi to her, she helped me so so much back when I was dealing with all those problems. Okay, I may post in the forum support section. Though using a US proxy...
  17. truestorytotell

    What about Mouthwash?

    So at the moment I use a regular Listerine mouthwash. I'm thinking of switching to alcohol-free mouthwash. Some people believe there are negative effects to alcohol in mouthwash (dry mouth, cancer, etc). If you want to know more then google it. My questions are: - Do you think an alcohol-free...
  18. truestorytotell

    The Underground Cure for Herpes

    I don't know if anything has changed, as it's been many years since I researched and read about herpes. But from what I remember there was no actual test for it. The typical test people do tests for antibodies, and that's not conclusive. I seem to remember there was also a super expensive and...
  19. truestorytotell

    Home remedy for Dandruff?

    There has to be an underlying cause for the dandruff, and that has to be solved.
  20. truestorytotell

    What do You Think of This Statement - All disease is...

    Well, not really. Let me expose you to some nuclear radiation, and when you melt down into liquid form, we can talk about vitamin/mineral deficiencies :p But I think there is some truth to the statement.