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    Vit D Levels Can and Do Drop After Most Surgeries

    So going into a surgery one would be smart to have good optimal Vit D levels. I was a low 16 in 2006 and got my D up to 80 and felt Great, and then at 72 I had a hip replacement and the D levels dropped over 40 pts...I had read this could happen, that it could drop and boy did it. I felt good...
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    Pendulum Dowsing and/or Muscle Testing for Supps and Other Stuff

    Does anyone here use the above to test supps and other issues in their lives? I've been using both for many years and as I see it, it helps tell me what my body wants and some times how much. I've used it to get a prediction on next president and lots of other things. There is plenty I...
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    High Blood Pressure fear and Don't want Pharma Drug????

    I had to succumb to pharma BP meds probably 20 yrs ago give or take but along the way found Mukta Vati which is an Auyarvedic and take 1 daily with my meds for extra protection. Now I'm working to get off one of the meds or to take less and increase the Mukta Vati and I'm doing that now...
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    Oscillococcinum - My Flu Remedy

    For starters I have not taken a flu "shot" since my 40's and I'm 81...The worst flu in my life was at 18 and it was the Asian flu, I remember it very well and how sick I was. Over many decades I have had maybe some mild flus and Oscillo has come to the rescue and healing. At first sign, I...
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    Fluoroquinolones Are Deadly Abx Class Of Drugs! Maybe some of you have had experience with this class of antiobiotics, I thank my stars I've never had them and I have not taken a lot of abx drugs in the first place. Talking to my daughter a...
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    Pharma - Learn The Risks

    Just remember if we are not SICK, pharma does not Profit.
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    Birth to Death and Our Hormones

    We are born with a great supply of hormones and in some children they need help with growth hormone if they are of short stature or dwarfism, and that is when the MD's help them with growth hormone and it's stopped when they reach a good point in their bodies. After that it's all downhill for...
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    No Colds, Flu, Sore Throats, etc. in over 20 yrs

    I'm 81 soon and have been working on Prevention with nutritional supplements for about 25 yrs now. Antioxidants and specifically Grape Seed Extract and Vit C and others I take as well. And these antioxidants have kept me very very healthy overall. I preach this and on other groups too and...
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    Anemia Reversed - Gone

    My 55 yr old daughter has been challenged with anemia for about 18 yrs and has been thru blood transfusions, iron transfusions -- and all she could handle to get out of an anemic state and since she's been using HGH homeopathic transdermal gel for about 8-9 months now, the anemia is gone. Her...
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    Sugars or Salts - Culprits to Hypertension

    Have we been told the WRONG thing for decades? There are many more links regarding this S & S issue and hypertension. As...
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    Randy Rainbow on Presidential youtubes

    I don't know if this is accepted here but I just heard Randy Rainbow on NPR with some of this presidential youtubes so looked him up and what a riot. Just viewed one of Randy and Melania. I see there is NO political forum here.
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    Grape Seed Extract and Prostate Cancer Cells

    Of course I believe in prevention and have been taking Grape Seed Extract for decades but so so few know t his miracle grape SEED.
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    HGH Homeopathic Gel

    I've waited to post here but I'm having pretty profound results with the HGH Homeopathic transdermal gel as is my 55 yr old daughter. I first noticed a shift in my body at month 1 and now into month 6, more and more changes. Daughter is in her 9th month and beside herself with joy and...
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    Law Of Circulation

    I think this is good advice on going thru life. The more you give, the more you get. You give nothing, you get nothing. The more you hold on tight to it all, the more tight your life. Keep it flowing. Accept a compliment with a nice thank you....don't fight it. Give compliments in...
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    Pandora's Lab (Book)

    I have NOT read this book but have read some others along it's lines over my many years. I don't see an area for books here so I'll post this here for anyone's interest.
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    Sleep Apnea Business is Booming

    Here is a report on this booming business. And WEIGHT issues seem to be a major culprit in all these pushes for devices to sleep. Right now there is a suit being...
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    My Good Eye Health & What I Do To Get That

    I''m 81 soon and have worn corrective lens since about 19, for distance and then later for reading..right eye is lazy so I've seen my eye docs in my life. I was told at about 60, cataracts are coming so be prepared, I got to work on eye supports and doing just fine at almost 81. What I use...
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    Lawsuit to END Fluoridation

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    4 Cancer Models and Grape Seed Extract I started with Pycnogenol back in 1995 and a year later found Grape Seed Extract and this is my prevention, I believe. So 24 yrs.
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    Hidden Dangers of Mammograms

    I had 2 mammograms in my early 50's and none since and I'm 80. My mamms are: Grape Seed Extract and 1 drop of Iosol iodine daily. I see there are many posts on mammograms but here is one more...