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    Herb Suppliers

    Does anyone on here have experience with Mountain Rose Herbs or the Wild Pantry? Are they trustworthy? Do they take money orders?
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    Old-timey drinks

    Lately my interests in history, anthropology, and the culinary arts have been given new life, and this extends to beverages. I love my morning coffee, but I like to switch it up every now and then with some tea or hot cocoa. Recently I've began making my own version of xocolatl, the original...
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    Homemade Weight Gainer

    I tried searching for homemade weight gainer and protein shakes, but they all include storebought protein powders with a bunch of added crap, and I prefer making things from scratch. Anyone have any all-natural recipes or alternatives to these protein powders? Maybe chickpea flour and some type...
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    A light rant against children's programming

    I say light because I have better things to do than spend an hour typing this out. Just gotta expell a little of this half-asleep rage. Little brother is watching PBS right now and I HATE it! All this sharing-regardless-of-earned-trust-and-respect shit he's learning in school is bad enough, as...
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    Independent studies on medicinal herbs?

    What are some good sources of studies and tests of various medicinal herbs? Nothing performed or sponsored by the likes of Monsanto, Bayer, Merck, GSK, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, WTF, etc. I've tried searching for studies on something as well-known as yarrow with no luck. I know Google censors results...
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    How can I convince my mother to stop getting vaccinated?

    My mom is 56, held together with plates and screws, just got done taking the largely untested "wonder drug" Harvoni for hepatitis C, has COPD, says every day she's gonna quit smoking cigarettes, but never does. She also has immune disorders including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Every year...
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    Protection for babies

    I got a new niece or nephew in the oven, and I'm not a kid person, but this one is my kin and I wanna give them a good welcome-to-life present when they're born. xD I figure my brother, his mate, and their offspring will be getting plenty of clothes and diapers, so what symbols, herbs, stones...
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    Most unbiased, uncensored, secure, and private search engine?

    I'm not liking Google for obvious reasons, but info on other search engines even seems to be censored. Any good alternatives?
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    Opinions on the US and UN?

    What do people here think of NATO, the UN, and the US trying to police the world? Can they really end thousands of years of religious conflict in the Middle East, or are they just infringing on the sovereignity of nations and the civil liberties of the citizens?
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    Top 18 herbs for an advanced first aid kit?

    I'm looking for herbs that fit one or more of these categories: most effective in treating a certain condition, the only one known to treat a certain condition, and the ones with the most uses. Said conditions I'd like to prepare for include viral infection, bacterial infection, snakebites...
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    Compost in a jar?

    I'm not allowed to have a compost bin (or anything else to live without the government's help) outside my apartment, and I can't even grow anything outside anyways because they douse the yard with pesticides, so I'm making compost in a pint jar with holes poked in the lid for my houseplants. Is...
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    Alleged supernatural experience and/or ability thread

    I've seen some pretty crazy shit in my time. xD Not saying it was supernatural, in case there's any rabid skeptics out there. If anyone does however think they've experienced the paranormal in any way, feel free to tell. :P
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    The cake is a goshdarn lie!

    If you can't have your cake and eat it too....then what's the point of even having it? O.o
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    Anyone else got Asperger's?

    What do you do about it? No manmade drugs please, though I doubt I'll get a lot of that here. xD
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    Most calorie dense food?

    I have an incredibly fast metabolism and I'm trying to put pounds on for cheap. Which real foods are packed with the most protein and fat?
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    Any good anti-pharma and/or survivalist forums?

    I know it's a strange first thing to post, but I'm asking everywhere because you never know what other people are into and who might be able to help. xD Preferably something a little more "underground". I do like this place too, by the way. :P