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    Natural alternatives for social anxiety?

    I've heard that Saffron is good for so many things, I'd use it myself but it's so expensive. I bought a tiny jar of it a long time ago to try it in cooking, and I only used very little. If it's in a formula that is affordable, that would be a good thing. I do use Turmeric (curcumin) almost...
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    Thousands of cancer diagnoses tied to a poor diet

    I agree Jfh, I try to buy more natural or organic foods now that I know the dangers of all the chemicals, hormones and preservatives they put in processed food these days. They use too many pesticides and herbicides when grown food too. My pets eat much healthier too these days, when I was...
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    Hello from New York State

    Hi Marie, so nice to see you here, welcome! 🙂 AKA-SB
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    Hi from RadishRose

    Hi Rose, good to see you here, welcome! I'm finding my way around too with the change in format so you're not alone. 🙂 AKA-SB
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    Facts About Kratom

    Often used to help stop dependence on opioids. It is only legal in some states and areas.
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    Type II Diabetes IS Reversable!

    Article about how people can reverse their type 2 diabetes and control their blood sugar with nutrition, diet and supplements. Full article and video here. Quote: Type two diabetes is curable if you ignore your...
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    Starting to Use MCT Oil Instead of Coconut Oil for Prevention of Dementia in Old Age

    I've been trying to take a spoon full of coconut oil daily for the brain benefits of the medium chain triglycerides which have been known to help, or even reverse in some cases, Alzheimer's Disease or age related cognition issues such as dementia. It's winter now by me, and using a spoon full...
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    Season's Greetings!

    Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!
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    Have You Received the PCV13 Vaccine

    I got a message from my health insurance provider that I need to get a PCV13 vaccine. I believe they're pushing that now for people over 65, for pneumonia, strep, etc. I don't take flu shots and am not a big fan of vaccines, so I wanted to ask others before I approved getting it. It seems...
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    What Gets Your Goat?

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    Vitamin D Can Lower Breast Cancer by 80%

    I take a vitamin D3 (5,000 IU) and k2 combo almost daily. I never had breast cancer and luckily don't have it in my immediate family. There are many benefits to taking vitamin D3, here is the article about breast cancer...
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    Women, Have You Ever Had an Intermittent Vibration Sensation in Your Breast?

    Since this morning I've had an intermittent vibrating sensation in one of my breasts. It's been on and off all day, and very strange. It's as if I have a tiny cell phone on gentle vibrate in my breast pocket, and I'm getting repeated calls. I've never experienced anything like this before...
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    Forest Bathing for Healthy, Peaceful Mind

    I love walking through the forest and experiencing the quiet, sights, sounds of birds chirping, leaves rustling and other beautiful wonders of Mother Nature. Article about its benefits.
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    Happy Independence Day USA 2018

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    Long Term Eye Damage Due to Cellphone and Wifi Exposure!

    Full story here.
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    He Just Sat There!

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    Ginger to Improve Markers for Type 2 Diabetes

    The value of Ginger for Type 2 Diabetes. Full article here.
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    Non-Toxic Treatments for Hepatitis C or Liver Inflammation

    I use Milk Thistle daily for liver support, along with other things like Turmeric, coconut oil, vitamin C, MSM, etc. Here's some insight of dealing with Hep C using natural non-toxic treatments. Full story here...
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    "Iodized" Sea Salt - Is It Getting Scarce by You?

    I've been buying 'iodized' sea salt for years now, usually getting it from the health food store, but can be bought at Walmart, etc. I only used NON-iodized sea salt years ago when I was experimenting with a Neti Pot. Anyhoo, lately, the shelves have been empty in the local stores of 'iodized'...