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  1. Seeker

    ISO Food sourced supps for Vits D, C, Bs and

    Anyone knows a reliable firm manufacturing food sourced supplements, in particular, Vit (unable to tolerate camu camu, acerola) C, Vit D, Calcium and other minerals, Vit B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Zinc, Selenium? Severe allergies causing serious malnutrition, unable to obtain those from fresh foods...
  2. Seeker

    Peridontal Disease how to reverse naturally

    Has anyone had any success reversing peridontal disease naturally? What did you do, and how long does it take for tangible results? Many thanks.
  3. Seeker

    Gallstones - Serious

    I went to ER yesterday. Unable to eat for five days or so, gallbladder pain. I just wanted to make sure there is no infection. Tests are normal. Scan is scheduled for 16 December may be brought forward. It may be that there is a gallstone blocked in the bile duct. I would be grateful if...
  4. Seeker

    Nattokinase & Serrapeptase

    I have been taking Nattokinase for two months now. I bought NCKP, but, its so expensive, I am now taking Jarrow's. I am a little hesitant about Vit K2 . I also thought of taking Hawthorn berries tincture, myrhh, and high Vit C from food sources. I am now thinking of adding Serrapeptase. Has...
  5. Seeker

    Herpes on Face

    I developed shingles a few years ago, post adverse reactions to prescribed medicines. For two days now, I have some lesion on my face, near the right cheek. The left face feels tingly, itchy, and painful. Does anyone knows of some natural product that would help? Many thanks, Seeker
  6. Seeker

    EKG savvy?

    I frequently end up in hospital, with angina types of pains. Oten, EKGs show Poor-R-Wave Progression, changes in anterolateral leads, (non MI), and more recently, an EKG showed atypical Q Wave in Lead III. More often than not, I end up with Junior doctors who say that those are cardiac events...
  7. Seeker

    Treating blockages naturally

    I am able to tolerate Natto, and taking Wheat Germ Oil, someties Flax Seed Oil. Sometimes Vit C, but rarely, because it binds to iron. Other times, home made fresh ginger paste, which is known to mop up fibrins. I know that Vit C is also helpful as is Niacin (can't tolerate). Are there safe...
  8. Seeker

    Serum Iron & Ferritin

    i Can someone explain what does it mean when serum iron is normal BUT Ferritin Saturation is very high? I couldn't understand what I read about it on medical sites. It made no sense. Thanks
  9. Seeker

    Iron Serum Normal High Ferritin level

    Which foods or herbs would lower high ferritin level, and what does it mean if iron serum is normal (on high side) but Ferritin Saturation is very high? Thanks
  10. Seeker

    Toxic Hepatitis for many years

    I have had toxic hepatits for 17 years caused by two prescribed medications. I stopped meds and invasive procedure for ten years. I have multiple food allergies, as well as MCS. This has improved since taking daily home made oxtail broths. I have been able to add more foods to the very...
  11. Seeker

    Hunger Pangs and Arrythmias Help

    Sorry if I posted this, I can't seem to find the thread. It seems that I the symptoms of severe hunger, cramps, arrythmias, etc.. are caused by mineral deficiency!! I bought some minerals tabs, but it didn't helped. However, I found out that when I ate dates and put some tamarind paste in...