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    AGS question

    Husband has seen an HSI report about some cancer curing remedy called AGS. I searched but failed to find anything about this. Does anyone know about it? Thanks.
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    One of our members - just me - has had to evacuate her home and move away from the path of the hurricane. Just me, we are thinking of you and trying to hold you down if the wind blows where you are now! Good luck, and check in when you can.
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    Virus infection affecting mental function

    Those who remember Leppert will recall that she does "Home Schooling". Leppert did register here but doesn't have time to post, as she used to. She is looking for ideas about how to help a 17 year old female, who had a virus infection and was then unable to cope with school. Concentration...
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    Arsenic causes diabetes! CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- A new analysis of government data is the first to link low-level arsenic exposure, possibly from drinking water, with type 2 diabetes, researchers say. Arsenic, an industrial...
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    Mind reading study LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Here's a mind-bending idea: The U.S. military is paying scientists to study ways to read people's thoughts. Scientists use electroencephalography, or brain wave-reading technology, to measure...
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    "Detox" - danger of too much water. Snippets from a very sensible article. A woman was left disabled after following a "detox" diet which involved drinking large quantities of water. In the most serious cases, "water intoxication" can kill, and there is, say experts, scant...
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    New drug for prostate cancer Scientists are hailing a new drug to treat aggressive prostate cancer as potentially the most significant advance in the field for 70 years. Abiraterone could potentially treat up to 80% of patients with a deadly form of the disease resistant to...
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    New drug for MRSA treatment New drug 'can kill MRSA superbug' The government has set a target to halve MRSA rates by 2008 British scientists are working on a drug which they say can destroy the most virulent strains of superbug MRSA. Researchers at Brighton-based...
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    Grape and apple juice prevents clogged arteries Juice 'prevents clogged arteries' Juice made from purple grapes had the most beneficial effect Juices made from apples or purple grapes - and the fruit themselves - protect against developing clogged arteries, a study suggests...
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    Hospital eliminates MRSA

    This hospital is so local to me - if I say it is half a mile away, that might be to exaggerate the distance. It is reassuriong to know that they have cleaned up a bit!,,91251-1315568,00.html <H2>A hospital trust has eliminated superbug MRSA infections by...
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    Enterovirus kills China's children BEIJING, China (CNN) -- China's Health Ministry strengthened surveillance and dispatched specialists to eastern China's Anhui province as the death toll from a virulent virus climbed to 22, the country's Xinhua news agency...
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    Maggots from insect bites.

    This gave me the horrors. Be careful, as you travel. Some insect bites deposit larvae in the skin.,,91059-1314893,00.html
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    Artistic Display Gallery

    Our members make and create all kinds of interesting, artistic and unusual items. Some have collections of things we need in today's plastic world. Others can show us ways to create and store our food in healthier ways., or make nicer cleaning products or perfumes. Please post your pictures...
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    Re-growth of lost finger-tip

    Using "Pixie-dust" from University of Pittsburgh this man was able to re-grow a new finger.
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    Nightowl has asked me to post this. She comments about Vit C being proscribed prior to anesthesia. Can anyone recall just why that is, please? I see here that Dr. Spreen says it "hinders" the anesthetic, but I would like to understand it a little more than that, if anyone knows. Thanks...